The Backyardigans - title card (Albanian, 2008)

Çamarrokët e kopshtit (English: Knock off the garden) is the Albanian dub of the popular educational series, The Backyardigans. The show originally aired on Bang Bang, but then started airing on Çufo. This dub was illegally produced by "Jess" Discographic, which means that it is unauthorized and not official.

Why It sucks

  1. The musical numbers are left in English with Albanian subtitles, although everything else is dubbed.
  2. The dubbing footage has been stripped from DVDs.
  3. The background music is almost never the original backing track. At times, backing track snippets from unrelated episodes are placed within scenes. In addition, out-of-place sound effects are added to the modified backing track.
  4. In the theme song, the logo freezes, following its appearance.