Abunai Sisters

Abunai Sisters: Koko and Mika is a 2009 series of CGI anime shorts to promote tabloid celebrities Kyoko and Mika Kano, starring the two sisters as secret agents. The show was distributed by Pony Canyon and produced by Production I.G.

The series ran on Japanese satellite network AT-X with a total of 10 episodes, but only the first two were ever aired, and pulled after only one month on the air. The show was originally dubbed into English, with no Japanese audio track (but subtitled in Japanese).

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor CGI animation.
  2. Awful voice acting.
  3. There's no plot.
  4. Terrible character designs.
  5. An uncanny number of scenes focusing on the central characters' breasts.
  6. The series tries to be funny, but it's not even slightly funny.
  7. It is the bastard lovechild of Funny Pets and Dyogrammaton.