Allen Gregory

Allen Gregory is a short-lived animated series that ran for 3 months on FOX.


Due to the global recession, 7-year-old Allen Gregory De Longpre is forced to attend elementary school and becomes infatuated with the school's principal.

Why It Sucks

  1. Allen Gregory is an extremely unlikable protagonist and his father Richard is even worse.
  2. In one episode, Allen makes a sex tape with the school's 70-year-old principal.
  3. Bland animation.
  4. Allen Gregory being sexually obsessed with the school's principal is just sick and creepy, considering he's 7 and she's 70.
  5. Wasted the talent of Jonah Hill, French Stewart and Will Forte.
  6. Allen Gregory is pretty much a Stewie Griffin rip-off.
  7. Richard and Jeremy's "relationship" is pretty much offensive to ACTUAL gays and lesbians!

The Only Reedeming Quality

  1. Julie, Allen's adopted sister, and Jeremy, Richard's partner, are the only likable characters.


Allen Gregory was universally panned by critics, which led to it being cancelled after only 7 episodes and FOX deleting all references to it off of their websites.


Here are some videos on Allen Gregory.