• LoudHouseFan777

    Hey guys, it's LoudHouseFan777. I am going to tell you my least favorite YouTube Channels I cannot stand! If you do like some of these channels, more power to you! I know I can be a bit biased, but it's just my opinion and please respect it. 

    Here's the reason why I do not like Nicobbq. I put him at the start of this list because some of his videos are good like: Luigi is Not an Idiot! But the main reason why I do not like Nico is because his channel is just overflowing with "Is Not a Hero" videos. I cannot stand those video and that's why I stopped watching him.

    Here's a 2-way tie between these 2 channels. I just despise them because they're both greedy, and their songs are just plain awful or cringy. How come Logan Paul's finding a dead bo…

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  • SeHakurei

    Considering PPG 2016's blossom is on the very wiki's background and logo, and PPG 2016 is pretty much hated.

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  • ZombiPumpkins133333333

    This ElsaGate channel was removed, but its legacy still lives on. Here are reasons why:

    1. Just like DaddyOFive, he abuses his children for kicks and giggles
      1. Makes his kids EAT POOP.
    2. He may cause psychological damage to young viewers

    And that's all I can find at this moment.

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  • GrimMatchstick122


    I want to Ask you,can i add AGK Parodies Page.

    Here Reasons Why:

    1. They have tons of Disturbing and cruel Humor.

    Mainly Harold The Fatass torturing and Harrasing Leopold for dumbest Reasons Like Snoring.How father abusing own child can be even funny!?

    2.Almost every character are unlikable and shows no personality.

    3.Many episodes is same thont over and over against.

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  • Linseyyy

    WARNNG: Partially NSFW

    NOTE: This video (the original) can be very offensive for some people, and talks about some serious topics that NBC says is *connected* to gaming. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Ever since I've first seen this video, I now hate NBC. Well, most of it. Mainly because of their news about things like this. Now here's the list of things that I find wrong about NBC's original version of this video. This dude has also dug into this video a bit, and I actually like his commentary.

    1. Views Discord for offensive groups.
    2. Uses a source from a PHD CANDIDATE.
    3. Gamergate wasn't a hateful campaign! It was a movement relating to ethical uses of video games.
    4. Uses tweets that WEREN'T EVEN RELATED TO GAMERGATE!
    5. Uses a troll's example of gaming harass…

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  • SpaceProtagonist

    Despite being one of the shows that kept Disney Channel running, there are some episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place that are so bad, not even the fans can support it! Would you like me to give an example?

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  • Wolfermellon

    Separate wiki

    May 9, 2018 by Wolfermellon

    I think that there should be a separate wiki for bad episodes and seasons of shows - the main reason is because it gets rather confusing to find episodes/seasons of shows among the actual shows themselves. 

    The only thing that really needs to be done is to move the articles with episodes/seasons to a different wiki, rather than recreate them. 

    What are your thoughts on this? Sorry I couldn't say much, I just kinda felt like I only really needed to explain a little bit about it.

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  • Acapal8893

    Am I being a rat?

    May 6, 2018 by Acapal8893

    One thing about being a rat is telling on something. The reason I'm saying this is because there have been so many pages on this wiki. A few pages are pages that are opinionated rather than unanimous. Because of this, I have been constantly telling others about this because I can't do anything about it. By now, this is making me look like a tattletale and don't want to be that way. I'm truly, truly, absolutely sorry for this, but I don't want to be blocked or banned because I've been on this wiki for more than a year now. I just want this to stop. I don't want to look like the rat of terrible TV shows wiki or any other site like that. I hope that this apology will give us strength. Thank you admins for helping me out and I promise that I'l…

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  • The loud house Marci 11

    evil craig death battles top 10s enough said

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  • Astral-New-X

    Well, well, well. There is a fricking TEEN TITANS GO! MOVIE. KILL ME PLEASE (begining reaction). When that thing premiered, it was quite entertaining for me but now is just the second most terrible show from Cartoon Network after the PPG reboot. But, what about the movie? I can tolerate this TV show (mainly because isn´t over-aired in my country), but......a movie? That was me at 2018 beginnings, however, the released trailers are quite decent.

    • The "Not-Deadpool" joke.
    • The plot pointed: Slade/Deathstroke is back, not as evil as he was in the comics or in the first TV series, but at least he returns. Also, according to the trailers, the Titans will finally face the Justice League, now mind-controlled by Deathstroke (uhhh, I WON´T call him "Sl…

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  • Jeff35155

    I do admit that i have a dislike towards Teen Titans GO! because there have been tons of episodes that i hated so much that overflowed with so much negative qualities that just made me so questioned how this show is actually a spin-off of the original Teen Titans. All of the episodes on this wiki are the ones that i hate so much because of its huge amount of negative qualities that make me even more intensely angry and sad than i was after i saw the Sonic the Hedgehog panel at SXSW 2018 live on YouTube.

    But there have been episodes throughout the series that i found actually pretty enjoyable. Some had some good plots, some good humor, and some decent topics. But i still don't really care for the show that much.

    And then i saw the trailer for…

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  • Emoticon Rules!

    For some reason this wiki now has a background and is now renamed to Very Terrible TV Shows Wiki. What happened?

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  • Astral-New-X

    Well, I´m bored so I will rank every actual show from Cartoon Network

    PS: This top is based on my personal OPINION.

    PS-2: I´ll include Pokémon since my country´s version of CN still airs it. Regular Show, the CWACOM series and Uncle Grandpa will be included since they are re-runing (at least in my country. Ancient shows are also re-running but I will only include shows from Third Generation and beyond).

    PS-3: Live-actions won´t be included for obvious reasons.

    Ranked from: The worst to the best.

    • The Powerpuff Girls (2016): Cartoon Network wanted to create the perfect reboot but accidentally dropped off the Suck Sustance and then, this appeared....
    • Teen Titans Go!: Yes, I think TTG is better than PPG reboot. Well, at least TTG, being crappy, does…

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  • Trevor807

    New Wiki.

    April 29, 2018 by Trevor807

    I'm building the Larry, Jimmy & Maddie Wiki out of the remains of Crappy Shows Wiki. Want to help?

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  • APieceOfTrash

    I want to get this off my chest now since i'm tired of the entire TT franchise, it's nothing special but just another superhero show and when you watch one superhero show, you've seen them all, so here's the worst Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go episodes.

    • Fractured - Oh my god, did the writer really had to add in an annoying version of Robin, oh wait, the episode's 22 minutes long?, and Larry appears for 22 minutes?, oh god help me.
    • Troq - Now this is one of my favorite and worst episodes, favorite cause it dealt with racism the right way and given a good message for Starfire, worst because of the amount of Starfire torture porn.
    • Things Change - nuff' said, this is the worst finale i've ever seen
    • Every Dog Has His Day - Poor, poor, Beast Boy.


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  • Megalodons


    April 26, 2018 by Megalodons

    Yesterday, I discovered this wiki while surfing the web. I'm not too keen on this wiki's name. I read a few pages and a few reasons why a certain episode is bad are hilarious. Some categories are unnecessary (such as "abusing the franchise" and "SJWs"). Some pages on here are unnecessary, I'm not gonna name them, but one is a McDonald's commercial in another country.

    I can help. End of post.

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  • 763492 is back

    There're two new wikia websites for all of you editors to join and edit, but follow the rules before you do so.

    • Awesome Theme Parks and Attractions Wiki [1]
    • Worst Theme Parks and Attractions Wiki [2]
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  • Maddox121

    Magis School Bus Rides Again - Sellbot

    Behind The Meme - Sellbot

    Bordertown - Lawbot

    Cloudy ATCM: TS - Cashbot

    Oggy - Cashbot

    Teen Titans Go - Bossbot

    Cartoon Network - Bossbot

    YouTube Kids - Sellbot

    Modern SpongeBob - Bossbot

    No Such Luck - Bossbot

    Adult Party Cartoon - Sellbot

    Miracle Star - Lawbot

    The Premium - Sellbot

    I'll Cry Instead - Sellbot

    Sentai - Sellbot

    Awesomness TV - Bossbot

    Wayside - Sellbot

    It's A Dog's Life - Sellbot

    This Just In - Sellbot

    Holiday Special SW - Cashbot

    Full English - Lawbot

    FOP Season 10 - Sellbot

    Nick Ashby - Cashbot

    Nutshack - Lawbot

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  • APieceOfTrash

    King of the Hill is my fav adult animated cartoon, i watched it since i was about 6-7 and it was great!, i got a ton of laughter from watching these and really represented me since i lived in Texas, but sometimes, there are bad episodes of the show i want to get off my chest, so here's the worst KOTH episodes i hate:

    • Bobby Goes Nuts - Literally, the whole episode is just about Bobby kicking people in the nuts and it goes on and on, plus a terrible fact from Peggy saying woman don't feel being hurt in the vagina, but in reality they do.
    • Pretty, Pretty, Dresses - This episode is basically a 22-minute moral on why suicidal people are insane, when in reality they just want love, plus the worst appearence of Hank Hill and his entire friends.
    • Goodb…
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  • Emoticon Rules!

    The bad quality in Ben 10 2016 says:

    The Omni-Tricked episode, which is soon to have a page.

    Would anyone mind adding a page to the episode? You don't have to do it, but if you, link me to the page.

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  • Emoticon Rules!

    Okay, so I have something to say about the cartoon commuinty, and why I hate it.

    I cannot take the cartoon community. WHY? It's all because of Gravity Falls. Ever since Gravity Falls came on, the cartoon community formed, and they didn't like the show...THEY WORSHIPPED IT! They love shows like Gravity Falls and praise it for no reason, and they hate shows like Oggy and the Cockroaches because they don't like things that aren't mostly serious to just plain serious. Oggy is rarely hated, though I gave up trying to persaude people to delete that page. They even treat Teen Titans Go! harshly, except, this show has been treated like as if it makes Tommorow's Pioneers look like a masterpiece. That is not true. In the cartoon commuinty, if you dis…

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  • Emoticon Rules!

    I commented on Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon that it was only hated because of PhantomStrider, and apparently not a whole lot of people get it. They bashed on me for thinking "I liked the show" and thought I liked how Ren Seeks Help was full of "snuff."  This is not what I said. You need to think better.

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  • Emoticon Rules!

    Just stop

    April 10, 2018 by Emoticon Rules!

    Okay, I get it, Teen Titans Go! is a bad show, but literally almost every show I see on this wiki, it has something to do with Teen Titans Go! TTG is not YouTube Kids Cartoons, it's a show that is meant for kids. For now on, if the page is editable and has something with TTG, I'm removing it.

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  • Emoticon Rules!

    Now that I'm officially done making pages, it doesn't mean I will have my dreams ending. I am going to have my drafts being published on Google Docs, and I'm kicking it off with The Shack, which was deleted.

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  • Emoticon Rules!

    I QUIT!

    April 9, 2018 by Emoticon Rules!

    I had it! It's like every time I try to create a page, it gets deleted by some troll because my reasons are "generic" and "too personal." And this "your reasons aren't informative" crap IS STARTING TO GET ON MY NERVES! From now on, I will just be a reason adder, editor, and a commentor. I really want to create pages, but you guys just like to crush my dreams and delete it because it's "generic."

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  • BFDIfan233

    Here are some suggestions for this wiki

    1. Emily's Reasons Why Not
    2. Power Rangers Super Megaforce
    3. Shake it Up
    4. Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel
    5. Lawless
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  • Emoticon Rules!

    So, ReBoot: The Gaurdian Code came out, though the trailer has more dislikes and than likes.

    Is anyone gonna add a page to ReBoot: The Gaurdian Code?

    Also, the picture feels like it's staring into my soul...0_0

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  • Kaynedenny

    Classic Anime Fanboys

    March 30, 2018 by Kaynedenny

    Classic Anime Fanboys are Anime fans that will look down on many people who watch modern anime and complain about them not being the same from the past.

    1. Like many nostalgia fanboys. They'll whine and moan about modern entertainment being different from the past.
    2. They lie about classic anime not having Ecchi, Moe, and Harem as they also existed in the older times of Anime, just not that often.
    3. They'll say "Why do we never have Anime like this anymore?" despite the modern Anime still using the Action, Adventure, Thriller, and Horror genres. It is pretty annoying if you ask anybody. 
    4. They look down on anime fans that enjoy modern anime and some even call anime fans who love modern anime "Weebs" or "Weeaboo" even they the ones Weeaboos themselves.…

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  • Emoticon Rules!

    Remove this

    March 29, 2018 by Emoticon Rules!

    Hey guys, if you come across an article that says "This show finally ended/got cancelled in (whatever date it was or after how many episodes)", if the article can be edited, then please remove the quality. Some people may like that now-ended or cancelled show and the qualitty may insult the ones who like the show. Would you mind doing that? Thanks! ;)

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  • SpongeBobSchwammkopf2003

    Which image should be used for the It's made for kids page? The Loud House, Thomas or Mickey Mouse?

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  • SpongeBobSchwammkopf2003

    I was navigating in when I came across this interesting petition, which was made to ban the The Loud House episode No Such Luck, only one person has voted, and together, we can help it become true, the user wants to ban it because it encourages child neglecting.

    Link to the petition:

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  • AMan999


    March 19, 2018 by AMan999

    Ah, Naruto. What was once the most popular anime is now a shadow of its former self, mainly due to its toxic fanbase. Like anime in general, the fanbase is why this show gets the hatred it does, which I guarantee would barely even exist if they learned to handle negative criticism better.

    • While every fanbase loves and hates certain characters, Narutards take it to the extreme. They hate Sakura but love Hinata, they hate Sasuke but love Itachi, they hate Obito but love Madara, et cetera et infinitum.
    • The pairing wars are on par with the Twilight saga for their annoyance level. Fans constantly bicker over pairings in the series and get this: Naruto isn't even a romance anime!
    • Until Attack on Titan's English dub premiered, Naruto had the most hat…

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  • AMan999

    Dragon Ballers

    March 18, 2018 by AMan999

    Dragon Ball Z is one of the VERY few anime where the English dub is more popular and better-received than the original Japanese version, when, at least according to me, it actually is an inaccurately-translated, poorly-voiced-over, terribly-written chaos that even the cast and crew themselves hated. Despite this, the dub became critically and commercially successful, despite its outstanding flaws.

    So how did it get there? Because most people watched the dub first and you should know the logic of an anime fanbrat: "The version I saw first is the best by default." The exact same reason why the opposite is true for Attack on Titan.

    • They NEVER stop complaining about Kai! Always making stupid excuses when the only good reason is nostalgia towards…
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  • AMan999

    One-Punch Fans

    March 18, 2018 by AMan999


    One-Punch Man, the anime.

    Ummm... the anime about... a bald, insanely strong superhero...

    Do I really have to explain everything?!

    • The biggest problem by far is that the fanbase fails to realize that Saitama and the series in general is just a parody of overpowered anime heroes and nothing he accomplishes is meant to be taken seriously. Go on any anime discussion board and I guarantee you, though it may be archived, that there is an abundance of discussions of something along the lines of "Saitama vs. [insert another anime character's name here]". Everybody is talking about them as if they were serious discussions, when in reality, look at the point I made above!
    • Adding on to the first point, they act as if the show IS meant to be taken s…

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  • Kaynedenny

    Weeaboos are people who think they are from Japan and they want to destroy American culture, when they are from America (or a country outside the USA) themselves. They act very hypocritical over their nationality not being Japanese whatsoever.

    1. They try to ban western cartoons and they will only accept anime, even if these people are western themselves which was very hypocritical.
    2. Just like other toxic parts of fanbases, they will disrespect others with different opinions towards to everyone else.
    3. They will say disgusting and Sexual stuff to an anime or a Japanese video game character on public websites.
    4. They always go like "I'm not a weeaboo, I'm a Japanophile", which is just an insult and an excuse to other people criticizing you or a Japanes…

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  • Bubbles99swell

    I really want to add those really godawful and terrible videos to this wiki. Here are the reasons why:

    • 1. It's steals content from other people.
    • 2. They take the videos way too seriously, especially if it has memes.
    • 3. The comment section in those videos are extremely annoying because of "Cancer" and "Bleach" comments.

    Some people actually do hate these videos. Proof:

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  • Emoticon Rules!


    March 9, 2018 by Emoticon Rules!

    Hello. I am deeply sorry for creating a page on a fandom against the rules. This was my first time creating a wiki page and I am deeply sorry. The page has been deleted. Thank you and try to find me a horrible TV show (if I have saw) that I can try to create a page on.

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  • Loco123456

    Help Wanted!

    March 3, 2018 by Loco123456

    Hello everyone,

    Restore the Magic needs your help. We're trying to get the director's cut of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" released so that people around the world can see the true story, and hear the original voices, etc. So far there is only one leaked scene, which is the chase scene. If you also watch the Japanese trailer for the movie, you'll see and hear things that were cut, such as seeing P.T Boomer set off explosives that sent Thomas rolling down Muffle Mountain, and Mr. Conductor explaining the urgency to find the source of the gold dust to his cousin, Junior.

    Here's how you can help get it released and see the entire thing: By signing our "Lost Edition" petition on the Restore the Magic's website. Link:…

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  • Powerboyj roblox

    Judge for yourself.

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  • Grust

    You know the drill. My top 11 dumbest moments from the Simpsons. Some of these moments are nitpicks while some advance the story, either way, these moments I find just stupid, cruel or simply not very funny. These will be ranked not by how dumb they are but by when my brain was forced to remember them. I had to suffer so you must suffer with me, just don't go crazy from this stupidity cuz that's my job.

    11. Homer putting a screwdriver at the end of Lisa's restraining order stick: From the episode On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister: In the episode, Homer makes a restraining order stick for Lisa to use on her brother and puts a screwdriver in the end, hurting Bart. According to Homer it was to show Bart what's it like in the real world. This w…

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  • Cartoonfan303

    Bizaardvark Rant

    February 22, 2018 by Cartoonfan303

    I want to add Bizaardvark to the wiki, but I can't because it used to be on here and it got deleted. Grand Albert said that I can make a blog about why it is terrible in my opinion instead. So here we go. These are my reasons why Bizaardvark is terrible.

    First of all, this show is nothing but an iCarly ripoff, the reason being that both shows involve two girls who have their own comedy webshow and get into crazy antics. However, iCarly had likability, charm, hilarious jokes, and memorability.  This show lacks of all those aspects. Not to mention this show is kind of outdated, as iCarly ended 4 years before this show came out, and can only be seen on TeenNick.

    Like with other panned Disney Channel sitcoms, the acting is atrocious. All of the …

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  • Cartoonfan303

    So I have been on an editing streak on both this wiki and the Best TV Shows wiki of adding images. But these are pages I refuse to add images for

    Terrible TV Shows Wiki (doesn't need one)

    Generic Modern Anime (porn)

    Boku No Pico (porn)

    3 guys 1 hammer (porn)

    2 girls 1 cup (porn)

    Mr. Hands (porn)

    Lena Dunham (locked)

    Obtain Future (porn)

    Bjork Stalker Tapes (creepy)

    Fun and Game (doesn't need one)

    New on Wikia Starter Pages (doesn't need one)

    General Discussion (doesn't need one)

    Questions and Answers (doesn't need one)

    Chains (The Beatles) (cartoon) (couldn't find an image)

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  • FlapjackStantz

    Since "Town and Out" and "Sun Scream" already have articles of their own, here's a list of other bad original Powerpuff Girls episodes that deserve to be on this Wiki:

    1. Powerpuff Bluff
    2. Fuzzy Logic
    3. Tough Love
    4. Major Competition
    5. Mime for a Change
    6. Collect Her
    7. Too Pooped to Puff
    8. Dream Scheme
    9. Slave the Day
    10. Mo Job
    11. Imaginary Fiend
    12. Mojo Jonesin'
    13. Slumbering with the Enemy
    14. Fallen Arches
    15. Bubblevision
    16. Gettin' Twiggy With It
    17. Cop Out
    18. Monkey See, Doggy Two
    19. The Headsucker's Moxy
    20. Film Flam
    21. Superfriends
    22. Neighbor Hood
    23. I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future
    24. Octi-Gone
    25. Toast of the Town
    26. Burglar Alarmed
    27. Shotgun Wedding
    28. Save Mojo
    29. Pee Pee G's
    30. Seed No Evil
    31. Lying Around the House
    32. Documentary
    33. Girls Gone Mild
    34. Curses
    35. Sweet 'n' Sour
    36. Prime Mates
    37. Coup D'Etat
    38. Makes Zen to Me
    39. Say Uncle
    40. Mo' Linguish
    41. The City of Nutsvil…
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  • Jeff35155

    This is a list of cartoons that don't really have big ratings, but i consider them a guilty pleasure.

    1. T.U.F.F. Puppy  
    2. All Grown Up
    3. Jesse (a little bit)
    4. Johnny Test (kind of)
    5. Yu-Gi-Oh GX
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  • Powerboyj roblox

    Article on ihugeny

    February 12, 2018 by Powerboyj roblox


    To start things off, these two on there own have awful animations and both also rely on other animators to keep themselves afloat, but since im kinda crap at researching ATM with school especially, this blog is basically here to see if anyone can find enough dirt on them to earn them their own articles.

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  • Powerboyj roblox

    (EDIT: THIS IS FIXED.)So im currently trying to fix the indentations on "Lights out", i haven't saved anything yet and i was just trying to put in what i saw in the episodes.

    This is driving me mad.

    I know this may sound dumb, but please help.

    Every time to align one to its correct number, it screws up another one and it ends up becoming jumbled!

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  • Jeff35155

    This is a list of some of the characters from a couple of cartoons that i hate so much. And there are some who i hated at the beginning of an episode, but then they redeemed themselves.  

    1. The Teen Titans (Teen Titans Go!)
    2. Bloo (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends)
    3. Lois Griffin (Family Guy)
    4. Timmy Turner's parents (The Fairly Oddparents)
    5. Olive Oyl (Popeye) 
    6. Wilma Flintstone (The Flintstones)
    7. Sarah (Ed, Edd n Eddy) 
    8. Most of the characters except the main characters from Invader Zim
    9. Marge Simpson (The Simpsons) 
    10. Richie Foley's father (Static Shock)   
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  • AMan999

    Attack on Titan Fanbase

    February 8, 2018 by AMan999

    Since its Japanese premiere in April 2013, Attack on Titan boomed with popularity not only in Japan, but also the rest of the world, most notably the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, and South Korea. The Attack on Titan craze grew to a level where everyone everywhere, be it at a public venue or on an Internet discussion board, would never stop talking about it, and it soared to new heights once it was confirmed to be dubbed in English. This backstory led to the birth of the most toxic anime/manga fanbase of all time.

    • The main problem with the Attack on Titan fanbase is how much fanbrats overrate the series. Attack on Titan is the most overrated anime (at least I have …
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  • Wikikid22

    Cause in the Indie developers attacking gamers criticisms. in the crappy games wiki, I wrote that Scott Cawthon is an exception as he used the "creepy animatronics" criticism from Chipper and co. To make the famous FNAF franchise. So it would be reasonable to add good classic cartoon reboots like Ducktales 2017 and Marvels Spider-Man as examples of exceptions. Just a suggestion.

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  • Jeff35155

    I'm a fan of the Sonic franchise. I love the games, i love the cartoons, i love the comics, and i love some of the fan art. But there is one Sonic cartoon i'm not very fond of.  

    Well, it's not as bad as Teen Titans Go or VeggieTales In the House.

    It's just... not good.

    The main characters are uninteresting, they hardly ever express emotion, and they are depicted with just one personality trait.

    The minor characters are often so unlikable and mean-spirited.

    Dr. Eggman is the only character i think is funny and decent. 

    The pop cultural references and self-aware humor comes off as completely annoying, uninspiring, and redundant. They reference the Sonic fanbase, how 3D Sonic is terrible, (which is nowhere near true) and they even reference "Gott…

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