Bordertown (2016 TV series)

Bordertown is a short-lived 2016 animated series that aired on FOX until early Summer.


Bud Buckwald tries to raise his Family in a town that is a cross between California and Mexico named Mexifornia, which is situated at the US/Mexican border.

Why It Sucks

  1. Tries hard to force in the humor of Family Guy and Bob's Burgers, but it's very unfunny and awkward and nothing like those two shows.
  2. Really unlikable protagonist (Bud Buckwald).
  3. One of the recurring villains is Bud's Boss, Steve, whose entire character is to bully him at his job.
  4. Terrible character designs.
  5. It's obsessed with farts.
  6. Choppy animation.
  7. Abysmal voice acting that wasted the talents of Hank Azaria, Alex Borstein, and Judah Friedlander.
  8. It's racist.
  9. Bud's daughter is similar to Honey Boo Boo.