Scott Parsons, better known as ChristianU2uber2009, or ChristianUtuber is a YouTuber that expresses the need to “shape your views” in the name of Christianity.

Bad Qualities

  1. He's homophobic.
  2. His grammar is awful.
  3. He doesn't know much about Christianity, yet acts like a fanatic.
  4. He uploaded a terrible video of his mother dancing.
  5. He "made" a cult known as the Church of Darko in which it called on everyone to join and beat up gays and atheists and deport Mexicans and unwed teenage mothers.
  6. He made a hilariously terrible recruitment video of the Church of Darko.
  7. He threatens people by stating that he will go to everyone's houses and slit their throats. 
  8. He is anti-atheist.
  9. He even lied to everyone about his age (He was 12 at the time when he made his videos).
  10. He made a video where he beats himself up.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Spawned tons of parody memes on YouTube.
  2. He doesn't make videos anymore, mostly because he closed his account although there are rumors that he is still here.

Reverse Version