Michael Christopher Martin, known on YouTube as DaddyOFive, is an American YouTuber known for his prank videos.

Why He and His Videos Suck

  1. He may at first look like an innocent Family Fun Pack like channel, but he isn't like that channel nor he is kid friendly, since he swears and abuses his children, see pointer 3 and pointer 12 for more details.
  2. He is a blatant rip-off of McJuggerNuggets since both fathers abuse their children by doing things such as destroying their electronics, such as Xboxes, Video Games, Nintendo DS, etc.
    • Moreso, at least McJuggerNuggets was scripted, and was potrayed as and by adults!
  3. He abused, mistreated, and was mean to his children and then pretended to be sorry about it. He did things such as playing VERY cruel and mean pranks on his children (mostly Cody), pushing Cody into a shelf, allowing his kids to be rude to each other (mostly toward Cody, Emma, and Alex to an extent, but Cody's the most mistreated and targeted out of all of them), punishing and scolding Cody for the smallest and absolute worst of reasons, pushing Cody while he's on the stairs, making Cody cry with his so called "pranks" and not giving a damn about it, deliberately interrupting Cody while he's trying to explain himself, etc..
  4. A lot of times, he allowed his children to treat each other like absolute dirt while he just stands there and records - however, he does yell things like "HEY!!", but it's most likely just to make himself not look bad.
  5. He left one of his kids (Cody) home alone while the rest of his family went to Disneyland, just because the toilet overflowed (what do you expect from a house of 5 people? Also, they lied and said the reason was because he put poop everywhere). How much more harsh could that be?!
  6. In a video, another one of his kids (Emma) says something similar to her saying she wants to kill herself, but the audio was cut off.
    1. In the same video, some of the kids trash Emma's room and then she is expected to clean it up. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
  7. The oldest kid, Jake, is a carbon copy of the father; a cruel, abusive, unempathetic, bully who couldn't care less about the pain and anguish he causes to his younger siblings (though, in the dad's case, it's his kids rather than his younger siblings). Mike (the father) also ALLOWS Jake to treat his younger siblings horrendously and even finds the stuff he does funny.
  8. He does all of this for money.
  9. In some videos, he forces his kids to do 100-500 sentences as a punishment for the smallest and worst of reasons.
  10. Naruto level of filler that makes obvious attempts to reach the 10-20 minute mark. See #11 below.
  11. He made a video entitled "KIDS LIED TO DAD", which didn't necessarily live up to its name as it only consisted of one of the kids (Jake) lying to him and it was at the very end of the video and wasn't anything special; he also spent a majority of the video doing anything but what was relevant to the title - he spent a majority of the video complaining about how busy and tired he was, and then recorded himself making a sandwich, and then recorded himself driving to his house which he was moving out of at the time. All of this for a good amount of time.
  12. He swears A LOT. At least any other person such as AVGN used profane words when they were really needed, the fact he swears around children worsens the fact.
    • As a sidenote, his wife also swears.
  13. He also insulted his children using profanity. Straight up verbal abuse there!
  14. He thinks himself as (and calls himself) the "the best dad ever" and orders Cody to call him that as well, which makes him look very, very egotistical.
  15. There were times where he laughed at Cody's mental breakdowns! 


DaddyOfive INVISIBLE INK PRANK (deleted video)

DaddyOfive INVISIBLE INK PRANK (deleted video)

NOTE: This video was reuploaded by a different user. Warning: Contains swearing, in case you are a kid or hate swearing, DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO!