Don't Scare the Hare was a short-lived British game show that aired on BBC One in April of 2011. It was hosted by Jason Bradbury and is co-hosted by an animatronic hare.


The program was presented by Jason Bradbury, who explained to the viewers that he lives in an underground forest with his "mate" the Hare (a giant robotic Hare on wheels). He invited the contestants to "do a whole bunch of crazy stuff" (play a few games), but there was one important rule: They must not scare the Hare.

The main part of the show involved two teams of contestants playing three rounds against each other, each round involving a physical challenge. Sometimes these tasks involved a puzzle or memory element which one member of each team must complete. For example, in the first episode the games involved hopping around in sleeping bags to stop alarm clocks from going off, remembering a sequence of lights and using them to "cross" a pond of lilypads, and hooking carrots with fishing rods. A wrong move on any of the tasks would set off a loud noise, "scaring" the Hare, which ran around the studio squeaking and rolling its eyes. Three of these forfeits would lose the contestant that particular round. Noises include ringing alarm clocks and croaking frogs. These games are narrated by Sue Perkins, who is styled as "The Voice of the Forest".

Points were awarded in the form of giant plastic carrots. Completing each of the first two rounds would earn the team three carrots, while the third round was a head-to-head where several points were on offer. Generally this involved a member of each team collecting up to 18 carrots from the Hare's allotment.

The winning team went through to the final round, where they had a chance to play for £15,000. This involved the team members answering a series of multiple choice questions, with each contestant in charge of a plunger which corresponded to an A, B, or C answer. They had to answer three questions correctly, each correct answer allowing the Hare to advance along a course which would eventually trap him. The first correct answer let the Hare into the garden by opening a gate, the second raised a net and the third trapped the Hare, winning the team £15,000. Incorrect answers detonated dynamite; three explosions meant that the team walked away with nothing.

Why it Sucks

  1. The concept for the show is very stupid, all you have to do is attempt to scare the hare.
  2. Bland Stage Design, in fact everything has "Cheap" written all over it.
  3. Feels more like a game show for little kids, but no, it was on Prime-Time television with adult contestants.
  4. The gags and jokes are so horribly bad.
  5. Too many explosions, which can be compared to a Michael Bay movie.
  6. The games are extremely stupid.
  7. Wasted the talent of Jason Bradbury and Sue Perkins.
  8. You know it's bad when the show gets cancelled after airing just 3 episodes.