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Donkey Kong Country is a Canadian/French computer-animated musical comedy-adventure television series. It is based on the Nintendo franchise Donkey Kong as portrayed in the Donkey Kong Country video game series by Nintendo and Rare.

Why It Sucks

NOTE: This only applies to France.

  1. The character models for every character are composed of different separate models for each body part that were animated separately via motion capture (a very lazy amateur animation technique, by the way), resulting in very weird, wonky and laughable animation that sometimes borders on string puppets.
  2. Bizarre writing. For example, in the episode "The Big Switcharoo", King K Rool wants to use Cranky's brain swapping machine to get the knowledge out of books. This is extremely dumb, because books don't have brains.
  3. Almost non-existant lip synching.
  4. Most of the cast is obnoxious, more often than not acting like total idiots.
  5. Most of the songs are just plain silly and come out of nowhere. On top of that, there are two songs per episode (Except for the finale episode)
  6. Depending on the song, the singing voices for the characters are meh or just bad. Diddy's is worse in this regard, as it sounds like he is doing a terrible Mickey Mouse impression.
  7. Bluster Kong and Eddie the Yeti are terrible characters and don't even appear in the games. Not to mention Bluster looks like a DeviantArt OC and Eddie is literally just a reskin of Donkey Kong but with a hat.
  8. Questionable moments.
  9. The last episode was a clip show.
  10. Primitive character designs for both seasons, even more so the second season.
  11. Donkey Kong's voice acting sounds too childish for his character (The future Donkey Kong games have Donkey Kong grunting like a real gorilla).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The theme song is catchy.
  2. The very early CGI motion-capture animation was very awesome for its time.
  3. Really good voice acting that does it job well.
  4. Donkey Kong's singing voice is decent.
  5. Some of the songs (Like "K. Rool's Finest Hour", and "Eddie, Let Me Go Back To My Home") are fun to listen to.
  6. The choice to use 3D animation fits with the SNES Donkey Kong Country Trilogy.
  7. Even though the characters can be obnoxious, they are also prone to many of the show’s hilarious moments, especially with K. Rool screaming “WHY NOT?!” in “Bug-A-Boogie”.
  8. The show has its fair share of good episodes, most notably “Bug-A-Boogie” and “Klump’s Lumps”.
  9. It was the first show to be entirely animated using Motion Capture technology.
  10. Despite of, or rather because of, its flaws, the show is laugh-out-loud hilarious and entertaining, even for all the wrong reasons.