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Why don't they go away?

Dorbees: Making Decisions is the supposed pilot episode for a VeggieTales cash-in known as "Dorbees", but it never happened. It came out in 1998.

The Story

Dorbees shows three storylines as a sketch comedy. Two school kids literally escape from school, a Scandinavian man looking for more discreet clothing from a 70's disco singer, and an a superhero saving his sidekick from a French cow on a German public access channel.

Why It Sucks

  1. As mentioned earlier, it’s an obvious ripoff of VeggieTales.
  2. Unspeakably nightmarish character models, they look like colored peas that have faces and limbs.
  3. Despite to be a religious show, God (or anything religious) is rarely ever mentioned.
  4. Extremely bad animation. The characters keep clipping through themselves and other objects. For example, Delta Dorbee is “sitting” but his legs are through the chair!
  5. Fleck, the annoying hillbilly Dorbee, is a very crazy and very random character.
  6. The short's theme is making the right decisions, including staying in school. However, the school in the short is shown to be a terrible place, having teachers give the wrong facts, and trying to kill any students who escape. Another right descision is to save Yogul rather than end world hunger or cause world peace.
  7. The Mr. Poe and Yogul theme song features generic character models that are all in a T-shaped pose, which is the default position for human-shaped CG character models.
  8. The song for the German Mr. Poe and Yogul show has bad grammar, such as “the” being misspelled as “da”.
  9. Dr. Dairy, the villainous cow, is a very stupid baddie that gives any baddie that's been despised a run for their money.
  10. Bad theme song.
  11. Some things don’t make any sense.
  12. The song had its Roman numerals wrong. It ends up being 1918. It should say 1998.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The music and songs (except the theme song) are pretty much the only thing that people can agree is genuinely good (unsurprising, seeing as the Gaither Vocal Band are an award-winning group, having been inducted into the Gospel Hall of Fame).
  2. Decent voice acting.


Animated Atrocities -120- "Dorbees - Making Decisions"

Animated Atrocities -120- "Dorbees - Making Decisions"