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Feminist Frequency is a non-profit organization and web series hosted by Anita Sarkeesian and created by Jonathon McIntosh (until Anita took it) to discuss women in pop culture. It's more infamous for its sub-series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games.

Why It Sucks

  1. Anita raised over $160,000 (was asking for just $6,000) in Kickstarter money. Despite the cash, her video quality did not improve.
  2. Steals gaming footage from other YouTubers rather than play the games herself.
  3. Cherry picks the tiniest of details and also lies about the games she "critiques." The most infamous example was in her Women as Background Decorations video where she "played" Hitman: Absolution and had Agent 47 kill two strippers in an attempt to show her viewers that gamers are supposed to get perverse pleasure from killing them. In actuality however, gamers are supposed to sneak past the strippers and kill the strip club owner. She also "failed" to mention that the game penalizes you for killing non-targets.
  4. Her fanbase is incredibly idiotic and often dismiss any criticism against her, often calling her a victim of "misogyny."
  5. Even though she calls herself a gamer, a video from 2010 showed her outright stating she wasn't a fan of video games.
  6. Despite her claims of being harassed, it has been shown that some of her death threats are faked.
  7. In some of her gaming videos it is shown that she clearly has not played the game. In her now deleted Bayonetta video, she said that Bayonetta was fighting a demon horde and was a single mom.
  8. Very Pro-SJW.
  9. Cannot handle criticism and when criticized, usually plays the victim card.
  10. In a video, Anita claims that LEGO is sexist because their "LEGO Friends" toyline uses pink and purple as their main advertising colors.

It Gets Even Worse

  1. Played a large role in demonizing gamers and the Gamergate Movement as violent and misogynistic.
  2. In spite of all the evidence against her, her videos are used in schools and not just college, but high schools and middle schools too!
  3. Many game companies, including Ubisoft take her seriously.
  4. She is often asked to speak at large conventions, often requiring $250,000 to partake.
  5. Has the mainstream media on her side.


Although her series is successful and she has won numerous awards, many gamers and even non-gamers have criticized her series for inaccurate information. As of 2017, she has finally finished her TVSWiVG series and is making a new series called The FREQ Show!