Fleabag Monkeyface is a British animated TV show, based on the popular book series The Disgusting Adventures of Fleabag Monkeyface, written by Knife and Packer, and aired on the children's channel CITV. It is aimed at children between the ages 6-10, and follows the gross-out adventures of the eponymous hero and his two creators, Gene and Gerald.

Why It Sucks

  1. Show fails at gross-out humor. The things they try to make disgusting and gross don't look like they are, because it's animated in 3D.
  2. The character designs are expressionless and somewhat disturbing, especially Fleabag Monkeyface's.
  3. The fact that Dirk, the main villain of the show, has a head in the shape of a phallus, his name is one letter off, dresses up in a cock (another word for chicken) suit that looks similar to a BDSM latex costume is kind of strange.
  4. Low-budget cheap animation.
  5. It's not very faithful to the original books.
  6. Dirk's motive for becoming a villain is incredibly petty and lame: because his TV show got cancelled.
  7. Fleabag's voice acting sounds like Jar Jar Binks on helium.
  8. Gene and Gerald are incredibly bland, are practically the exact same character, and have no individual personalities.
  9. It rips off Captain Underpants due to Gene and Gerald's designs looking extremely similar to that of George (More specifically his younger counterpart) and Harold. To add more proof to this, both series revolve around the creators having misadventures with whatever it is they created and both use potty/gross-out humor, though while Fleabag Monkeyface fails at it, Captain Underpants does it in a tasteful manner and even tends to parody itself.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Great soundtracks.
  2. Some of the episode plots are interesting.
  3. Decent voice acting on everyone else (Except Fleabag)


Fleabag Monkeyface got a 2.0/10 rating on IMDb.


Animated Atrocities 149 - Fleabag Monkeyface-0

Animated Atrocities 149 - Fleabag Monkeyface-0