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FuturisticHub (real name Brian Dennis Martin) is a huge YouTube troll mostly known for his "NEEDED IN MINECRAFT" videos and his toxic behavior online. He operates multiple channels after his former channel (LifeInATent) got terminated.

Why He Sucks

  1. His videos are mostly NSFW.
    • His Ugandan Knuckles video has said Knuckles sexually assaulting a woman.
    • Same for his Fidget Spinner video, only the spinners call the police right after.
    • The infamous NEEDED IN MINECRAFT video.
    • His Aliens in Minecraft video where aliens anally "RAPE" Keemstar
  2. His videos constantly feature weird fetishes, including:
    • Bondage (a fetish of girls tied in a sexual pose)
    • Zoophilia.
    • Vorarephilia (a sexual fantasy of being swallowed alive).
    • Eproctophilia (a flatulence fetish).
    • Podophilia (a feet fetish).
    • Macrophilia (a sexual fantasy involving giants).
  3. He's also into block sex and making sexualized women.
  4. He leeches off of whatever trends and memes are popular at that moment(Ugandan Knuckles, Shrek, etc.).
  5. He's so lazy that half the models look like they are in Minecraft.
  6. The animation in his videos is horrible with loads of errors.
  7. He's a social justice warrior.
  8. The models for his animations are (mostly) creepy and nightmarish.
  9. He doesn't have the licenses for the characters (even though he uses them in his videos) below:
    • SpongeBob and Patrick (Viacom/Nickelodeon)
    • Elsa and Anna (Disney)
    • Mario (Nintendo)
    • Sonic (Sega)
    • Angry Birds (Red, Chuck, Bomb, etc.) (Rovio)
    • Shrek (DreamWorks)
    • Minions (Comcast/Universal/Illumination)
    • Spiderman (Marvel)
    • Pennywise (Warner Bros)
    • Doctor Who (BBC)
    • The Joker (DC Comics)
  10. He can't handle any criticism. Even though he says his animations are meant to be cringy and bad, he sends hate messages to people who criticize him and essentially has a hissy fit when he gets criticism. He even uses two accounts just to harass and gang up on critics.
  11. His later character design of Steve rips off DanTDM.
  12. The character Crissie (who act's as FuturisticHub's girlfriend in his videos) never wears any clothes and always half-naked.
  13. He also uses illegal bots to increase his views, likes and subscribers to scam YouTube's money instead of other users actually viewing the content.
  14. He also stalks YouTubers, which he's being doing it for many years.
    • For example, FuturisticHub says that Keemstar stalks him, while Keemstar say that FuturisticHub actually stalks him and other YouTubers.
  15. To make this article much worse, he managed to go in other Terrible Stuff Wikis because he has an article about him. He vandalized his respective pages, spreaded lies, sent harassment threats on users and sued users of the wikis for making an article about him. We're not joking!. Luckily, he is globally blocked across the FANDOM network.
    • Speaking of which, he actually attemped to take legal action.
  16. His videos are so bad that he goes by another It's made for kids excuse.
  17. He uses a better animator called CreamWorks Animations because he is too lazy to animate himself.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He doesn't make as much lewd videos now.
  2. He's led other successful channels.
  3. Some of his videos have the profanity bleeped out.
  4. some of his videos are funny to watch

Reverse Version

FetishHub (