U Can't Touch how bad this cartoon is.

Hammerman was a 1991 TV series produced by DIC Entertainment and starring pop rapper MC Hammer, which aired for thirteen episodes on ABC from September 7 to December 7.


A man named Stanley Burchell (MC Hammer's real name) owned a pair of magical shoes that could speak, and they could turn him into the superhero, Hammerman.

Why It Sucks

  1. Incredibly choppy animation. There are so many missing animation frames, some people may think the episode footage was corrupted and poorly recovered.
  2. Bad acting.
  3. Idiotic concept.
  4. HORRENDOUS theme song. Listen for yourself here.
  5. Poor messages.
  6. Confusing plots.
  7. It is a rip-off of Bill Cosby's "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids".
  8. It got a White Castle kids meal toy, but it wasn't even a toy, it was toothpaste. And yes, this is real.