Henry Danger2

"It's like Danny Phantom, but with very cheap humor and 0% depth!
Henry Hart, you're fired!"

Henry Danger is an American comedy television series created by Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen that premiered on Nickelodeon on July 26, 2014. The series stars Jace Norman, Cooper Barnes, Riele Downs, Sean Ryan Fox, and Ella Anderson.


A boy named Henry Hart becomes the weak sidekick of Captain Man, while trying to survive school.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible acting (Mostly from the child actors).
  2. That overused laugh-track that plays EVERY TIME one of the characters says something.
  3. Dumb concept.
  4. This was created by Dan Schneider, the same guy who made some great shows like Drake & Josh and iCarly. He also made Victorious (which wasn't really that great but was still decent).
    • On that topic, Dan Schneider's sitcoms have been dumbed down as of lately.
  5. Overdosed and infuriating retardation.
  6. The town is called "Swellview", which is a very stupid name for a town.
  7. For some reason, this show is getting a movie soon. Be afraid.
  8. Almost everyone is highly annoying, mean-spirited, and dim-witted. Special mention goes to Henry, Ray, Charlotte and Piper.
  9. It had 2 crossover with other bad Nickelodeon shows.
    • It has a crossover with The Thundermans.
    • It had another one with Game Shakers.
      • Both shows have nothing to do with each other to warrant a crossover other than having the same creator.
  10. The heartwarming moments are forced.
  11. Swellview has ridiculous laws.
  12. Its spin-off The Adventures of Kid Danger.
  13. The motion comic is even worse.
  14. The idea of the main protagonist of the show keeping his superhero identity a secret and the action sequences are ripped off straight from Danny Phantom.
  15. The police officers are pretty much useless in this show.
  16. Henry and Ray acted like villains by robbing a bank and framing a child in "Brawl in the Hall". Why’d they become heroes in the first place?
  17. Piper, Henry's sister, is just the clichèd spoiled brat. Not to mention that she can be a huge jerk sometimes, especially to Henry and Jasper.
    • Speaking of which, one episode features another female character that makes Piper look heroic.
    • For some reason, the writers think its funny to always make Piper screaming at the top of her lungs at someone for a minuscule reason.
  18. Henry and Ray are so eager to stop villains they practically became villains themselves. And again, these guys are heroes?
  19. Frankie Grande is portrayed as a homosexual stereotype.
  20. "Captain Man" is an unoriginal superhero name. Same goes with "Kid Danger".
  21. The infamous scene where Jasper's grotesque neck zit pops and splashed all over Frankie Grande's face. That is extremely disgusting for a Nickelodeon show.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some good episodes.
  2. Few good life lessons.
  3. Some funny moments here and there.
  4. The theme song's catchy.
  5. Passable action scenes.
  6. At least it's not quite as bad as these three worst excuses for sitcoms to ever be made.

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