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Henry Danger is a 2014 superhero sitcom created by Dan Schneider.


A boy named Henry Hart becomes the weak sidekick of Captain Man, while trying to survive school.

Why It Sucks

  1. Very phoned-in acting (Mostly from the child actors).
  2. Over-used laugh-track that plays every time one of the characters says something.
  3. Dumb concept.
  4. This was created by Dan Schneider, the same guy who made some great shows like Drake & Josh and iCarly. He also made Victorius (which wasn't really that great but was still decent).
  5. Nickelodeon made this, and mind you that they do have good sitcoms.
  6. Overdosed retardation.
  7. The town is called "Swellview", which is a very phoned-in attempt.
  8. For some reason, this show is getting a movie soon. Be afraid.
  9. Almost everyone is annoying and mean-spirited.
  10. The heartwarming moments are forced