Johnny Test is a low-budget Canadian-American cartoon that aired in 2005-2014 on Teletoon in Canada and on The WB (Season 1) The CW (Season 2-3 and Season 1 Reruns) Cartoon Network (Season 4-6 and Season 1-3 Reruns) in North America.

Why It Sucks

NOTE: This will only focus on the second to sixth seasons.

  1. It's infamous for ripping off other cartoons, most notably Dexter's Laboratory, The Fairly OddParents, Jonny Quest, Scooby-Doo, Dynomutt, Dog Wonder, Doraemon and Tom & Jerry and its formula is seemingly stolen from Jimmy Neutron.
  2. The episodes are almost always the same thing every time over and over again. In other words, it's way too formulaic (something goes wrong and Johnny and Dukey (sometimes with help from other characters) have to fix it). Every episode follows the same premise.
  3. The ending of "Past and Present Johnny".
  4. Annoying and horrible voice acting that wasted the talents of James Arnold Taylor, Ian James Corrlet, Ashleigh Ball, etc.
  5. Susan and Mary's characters are literally just them drooling over boys, mainly a dimwitted guy named Gil, who is later implied to have a crush on their little brother over them and gives Johnny dangerous stuff, either unwillingly or not.
  6. Extremely terrible Flash animation.
  7. Horrid designs for most of the characters.
  8. Johnny Test is a very unlikable character because he is a huge spoiled and selfish brat. Heck, he's spoiled enough to even give Caillou a run for his money.
  9. Toilet humor, such as Johnny Test farting on the bad guys to defeat them when he is dressed as a superhero (Johnny X), which is absolutely nonsensical and disgusting.
  10. The whip-crack sound that plays every time the characters move their arms will get on your last nerve.
  11. Terrible and unfunny humor.
  12. One episode, "Johnny's Royal Flush", has a disturbing scene where an alligator gets sucked into a sewer turbine and is promptly ripped to shreds, which is followed up by an utterly awful attempt at being funny by revealing that it got turned into alligator-skin bags. That's not funny, that's just cruel!
  13. Poorly-written scripts.
  14. The background music in every episode gets really annoying and is used frequently throughout each episode.
  15. Extremely predictable endings with little to no lessons for the characters.
  16. The show's animation and property rights moved to Canada after season 1 because of contract. This had big changes to its setting as a result, like the main characters' location, Porkbelly (that's the city's actual name) from somewhere in the western American coastline to somewhere in Canada in some episodes and later British Columbia, Canada in one episode, thus making others such as recurring characters like Mr. Black, Mr. White and the unnamed General who are still Americans are now technically foreign agents who illegally take one of Canada's citizens' freedom and (unknowingly) their inventions for spying reasons.
  17. It destroyed the reputation of the creator, Scott Fellows, who created one of the best Nick shows ever aired (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide).
  18. The show's hatedom, due to a lot of hate art, comments and videos from people who take their opinions way too far.
    • The other reason the hatedom exists is because this was Cartoon Network's cash cow and was aired to death in both the first Dark Age (2008-2010) and the post-2010 rebranding of the channel before Teen Titans Go! took its spot in 2015 as the new cash cow of Cartoon Network.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Dukey is the only tolerable character.
  2. Season 1 was considered much better because the animation was nice, they used an original theme song , there were no whipcrack sounds and most of their plots weren't as bad as those in later episodes.
  3. It was the last surviving show from the pre-2010 rebrand.
  4. Some episodes and plots can be tolerable.
  5. The action can be entertaining at times.


The History and Legacy of Johnny Test The Most Overhated Cartoon Ever

The History and Legacy of Johnny Test The Most Overhated Cartoon Ever