Kuu Kuu Harajuku is a 2016 Australian-Malaysian-American children's TV show that was created by singer/songwriter Gwen Stefani, based of her Harajuku Lovers group. It first aired on Eleven in Australia on November 1, 2015. It also airs in America on Nickelodeon and in Canada on Family. It later moved to Nick jr. on February 3, 2017.


The show follows the band HJ5 (G, Love, Angel, Music, Baby) and their manager Rudy, as they go around having adventures in the Harajuku world, and try to have a successful concert without any interruptions.

Why it Sucks

  1. The animation is only mediocre at best and quite cheap looking.
  2. The color scheme is very poor, as it is way too bright.
  3. Nonsensical plots. There's literally an episode where a cat camera that takes pictures of "kawaii" things gets out of control and tries to destroy the city by making things "un-kawaii", before it ends up with General No-Fun who somehow fixes the camera since he is "the most un-kawaii person ever". What?
  4. Vision Animation Sdn Bhd., Moody Street Productions and even DHX Media created this.
  5. Although the show looks happy and enjoying, its tone is boring and slow.
  6. Despite the fact the show is about a band, there are no musical numbers whatsoever.
  7. In a promo commercial, Rudy looks like he's getting raped by HJ5. You know, for kids!
  8. Mediocre at best voice acting. Almost all of the character's voices are high pitched and sound extremely similar, making it hard to tell which character is speaking. Rudy is probably the only character with a nice sounding voice.
  9. Brainless dialogue. The characters often throw cringe-worthy slang words around like rice at a wedding and won't stop gushing "kawaii!!" when they see something they like.
  10. The character designs are so 2D to the point they look like they are papercut.
  11. Ridiculous ideas for villains, such as No-Fun-Politicians, Angry Aliens, Hungry Monster Pets, etc.
  12. Poor and annoying theme song that mostly just consists of saying the show's name many times in a row.
  13. It suffers from the case of "bad show with a good concept". Other examples include Da Boom Crew and Legends of Chamberlain Heights.
  14. Its story material is outdated - The Harajuku girls were popular around 2004 and 2005, over a decade ago.
  15. The show also airs on Nick Jr. as of February 3, 2017, a network for preschoolers.
    1. In fact, this makes no sense why this aired on Nick Jr. when it’s aimed at 7 to 11 year olds, which this is the reason why it’s rated TV-Y7. Preschool shows don’t contain any rude humor and anything else that would be too edgy/inappropriate for children under 7.
    2. To add to this, there's nothing educational in it at all. Usually this isn't a problem, but Nick Jr. is meant to have shows for preschoolers that are educational, or at least have good messages.
  16. One of the characters looks like an exact ripoff of the main character Blythe from Littlest Pet Shop (2012), which is an actually decent show.
  17. Terrible messages for its viewers. While it tries to teach lessons about friendship and teamwork, these are just clouded over with messages about vanity and how beauty is the only thing that matters about you and that you're worthless if you can't be perfect. There's even an episode where the girls are told that their good qualities (e.g. smartness, kindness, leadership) will never make them famous. Let it sink in that it's mostly airing on a preschool channel now.
  18. The characters are mostly very unlikable and self-centered. One of them literally says in one episode, "I wouldn't get on there even if the helmet matched my shoes!"
  19. Poor grasp of the source material. The characters look nothing like their real-life counterparts, and the show doesn't have popular songs by Gwen Stefani and the Harajuku girls (like "Hollaback Girl").
  20. It feels way too much like a Bratz remake.
  21. The designs of the villains are non-threatening, especially since everything in this show is overly cutesy. All the villains even want to do most of the time is stop them from being "kawaii". Really?
  22. The writing is lackluster and some episodes are just awful.
  23. Disrespectful to Japanese culture. For example, the characters say "kawaii" a lot of times, which is a word commonly used by weeaboos (people who believe they are Japanese and try very hard to act Japanese). Also, they mispronounce "kawaii" as "kowai", which translates to "scary", which is very unfitting considering they use it to describe something they think of as cute. Japan is also incorrectly represented as a city with candy-colored pandas and designers everywhere.
  24. Unfunny humor that would only make you laugh due to how dumb it is. For instance, in one episode they ask for kawaii outfits, but end up getting "Hawaii" outfits instead.
  25. Waste of voice acting from Emma-Taylor Isherwood, Sally-Taylor Isherwood and Danny Smith.
  26. It's trying way too hard to be an anime.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Season 2 is at least a little better.
  2. Rudy is kind of likable and decently voiced, and HJ5's Pomeranian dog Chewy is cute.