Lena Dunham is an actress famous for her appearance in the HBO series, Girls, as well as being its creator and writer.

Why She Sucks

  1. In her book, Not That Kind of Girl, she mentioned a very bad controversy surrounding herself and her sister, which is so disturbing, it's best not to write it here, just look it up.
  2. Extremely pro-SJW.
  3. Once made a comment about wishing she had an abortion, despite never have being pregnant. She received a ton of backlash for that, especially considering she was basically saying she wanted an abortion for the sake of an abortion.
  4. She and her dad, Carroll Dunham, made a Twitter video about the end of "white men."
  5. Has released some nude photos of herself in the name of "art." One of the more infamous ones involved her sitting on a toilet with a cake.
  6. Around Father's Day of 2017, Lena Dunham like many feminazis, made a Tweet condemning Father's Day.
  7. Threatened to leave the country if Trump won, didn't keep her promise.
  8. Claimed her dog, Lamby, was a victim of multiple abusers when she returned him to the shelter she got him from. The shelter has denied these claims after checking in on the dog's records.