Life with Lucy

Life with Lucy is a 1986 short-lived American sitcom from ABC that attempted to revive the extremely popular 1950's sitcom I Love Lucy to the 1980's. This show was notably TV actress' Lucille Ball (fittingly, as she was in her seventies when this show began production)'s last time she ever appeared on a prime time TV show.

ABC hoped this show would be a big hit, but it instead would become one of biggest TV bombs of the 1980's, partly because of ABC's decision to have Lucille Ball write the episodes herself (which involved her getting into pratfalls and stunts like she did in her previous show; read the Why It Sucks section for why it didn't work) and scheduling it on a poor time slot on Fridays. Reportedly, when news of the show's cancellation came to Ball, she was so saddened by the show's failure that she was convinced that TV no longer wanted her.

Ever since the show's quick cancellation, it has been listed on several worst TV shows of all time; In particular, TV Guide ranked this show 26th on their "Worst Shows of All Time" list in 2002.


Ball played a widowed grandmother who had inherited her husband's half-interest in a hardware store in South Pasadena, California, the other half being owned by his partner, widower Curtis McGibbon. Lucy's character insisted on "helping" in the store, even though when her husband was alive she had taken no part in the business and hence knew nothing about it. The unlikely partners were also in-laws, her daughter being married to his son, and all of them, along with their young grandchildren, lived together.

Why It Sucks

  1. It failed to live up to the impressive standards of its predecessor, especially since I Love Lucy has often been called one of the best sitcoms ever made.
  2. Having Lucille Ball do stunts in her seventies backfired, because it didn't make people laugh but instead made people concerned for her safety.
  3. The plots are boring and uninspired.
  4. Poor acting.