This is what happens when you combine The Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, and Sanjay and Craig to THIS!

Mega Babies is a Canadian animated series created by the Tremblay brothers, Christian and Yvon, who previously had made the H-B's show SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. It is produced by CinéGroupe and Landmark Entertainment Group in association with Sony Wonder. The series was broadcast on Fox Family Channel and Teletoon. The show was also aired in UK on Sky One's weekday mornings and later repeated on Channel 5 on weekend mornings between 2001 and 2002.


The show is about a trio of babies who are superheroes that fight off evil monsters and aliens. Their names are Meg, Derrick and Buck and their care-giver's name is Nurse Lazlo. The show takes place in Your City, USA. After their birth, they are brought to an orphanage. When the entire solar system aligned itself, the babies and their nurse were struck by lightning. The babies were given super strength and other powers, and Nurse Lazlo's IQ rose.

Why It Sucks

  1. The show uses a lot of gross-out humor based on snot, vomit, feces, flatulence, drool, veins popping out of muscular parts, and various other bodily fluids coming from the cast. So much that could give Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos, The Brothers Grunt, Sanjay and Craig and Ren & Stimpy's "Adult Party Cartoon" a run for their money.
  2. It rips off Ren & Stimpy because of the humor and gross out jokes, Rugrats because of the premise, and The Powerpuff Girls because of the "trio of heroes" motif, along with the colors of the babies.
  3. Unlikable characters.
  4. Pointless plots.
  5. Barely any kind of humor besides toilet humor is used.
  6. Cheap-looking animation.
  7. Poor writing.
  8. The voice acting is literally just crying