Peppermint Park is a 1987 direct-to-video educational kids show that was clearly a rip-off of Sesame Street. It was released in 6 volumes and has became sort of a meme, with several YouTubers reacting to it.

Why It Sucks

  1. The title is misleading. The park only appeared at the opening, closing and some sketches. The park itself is generic and is nothing special. Plus no puppets ever go into the park nor was it focused on.
  2. The sketches are mostly poorly done, repetitive and pointless. When it comes to singing about colors, numbers or letters; it sounded more like a praise then something to learn about.
  3. The puppets are mostly badly designed. Most puppets are ugly and deformed, some suffers a bad paint job.
  4. The voice acting is bad. Ernie and the yellow dinosaur have scratchy voices, and the green dragon sounds like he's underwater.
  5. The musical scores are mostly nonsensical, badly-written and pointless. One of them has Ernie sings the "M" song, he ended up saying hard-to-pronounce words and then ends up saying "Order M&Ms". Some of the musicals has horrible voice-overs such as that sketch about Monkeys.
  6. The magic show, the science show, and the storybook segment are not that interesting.
  7. The show suffers low production values.
  8. It's nothing but a Sesame Street wannabe.
  9. The sketches are very, very random and mostly poorly-written. It really did not offer anything to learn from.