Pickle and Peanut is a 2014 Disney XD show created by Noah Z. Jones, the creator of Almost Naked Animals and Fish Hooks.

Why It Sucks

  1. Horrible animation.
  2. The theme song has no effort and sounds robotic. Mr Enter described it as a 4 year old's shopping list.
  3. Overuse of stock images and footage.
  4. Pickle and Peanut are literally the same characters but with a new coat of paint.
  5. The show is basically Disney XD's version of Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig, two Nickelodeon shows notable for their poor reception and gross out humor.
  6. Small voice cast.
  7. There is an episode about a zit on Pickle's buttocks. Let that sink in for one minute.
  8. The voice actor for Peanut, Johnny Pemberton, insulted critics who panned the show on his official Twitter account, saying that the comments are "from cum-guzzling trolls with negative follower/following ratios." NO JOKE.
  9. It gets hyperactive and annoying.
  10. Rather inappropriate for kids, with extreme violence and constant swear references.
  11. One of its CGI Christmas specials, "Yellow Snow", looks like VIDEO BRINQUEDO! Not DISNEY! Seriously, LOOK IT UP.
  12. The Pickle and Peanut Wiki is really weak to look at

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The ending song "How's Your Mom?" is catchy.
  2. 8-bit music.
  3. The voice acting's good for some people.
  4. Some jokes are meh.
  5. Some episodes have pretty interesting plots (such as "Gramma Jail").
  6. The show finally ended on January 20, 2018.