Pink Lady Title Card

Pink Lady and Jeff is a 1980 American variety show that aired on NBC starring the Japanese female pop duo of the same name and co-star Jeff Altman. It lasted for 5 episodes (the 6th and final one never aired on TV, but it did see a DVD release along with the previous 5 episodes) and for approximately 5 weeks.

The show is notorious for being one of the worst reviewed TV shows in existence, TV Guide in particular ranked this show #35 in their "50 Worst TV Shows of All Time" list in 2002, and for killing off the variety show genre (while the genre was already on its last legs, but this show arguably hastened its demise). The show was so bad that the recap website The Agony Booth did an entire run down of all 6 episodes from the show's official DVD.


The series starred Japanese female singing duo Pink Lady, composed of Mitsuyo Nemoto ("Mie") and Keiko Masuda ("Kei"), and American comedian Jeff Altman. The format of the show consisted of musical numbers alternating with sketch comedy. The running gag of the series was the girls' lack of understanding of American culture and the English language; in reality, Pink Lady did not speak any English at all. Jeff would then attempt to translate and explain the meaning of things, which led to more confusion.

The series also featured Pink Lady performing various songs (usually English-language disco and pop songs such as "Boogie Wonderland" or "Yesterday", which the duo sang in English) along with interaction with celebrity and musical guests. The group would end the show by jumping into a hot tub together.

Why It Sucks

  1. The show's biggest problem is that both members of Pink Lady knew nothing about the English language and so they had to learn their lines phonetically.
  2. Whenever the duo sing in their native language, the song they sing is not subtitled.
  3. The comedy is not funny.
  4. Bad acting.
  5. The sketches are forgettable.