Planet Sheen is a animated comedy science fiction show that ran from 2010-2013. It's a spinoff to The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


When Sheen Estevez accidentally crash lands Jimmy's rocket on planet Zeenu, he makes a few friends while trying to rebuild his rocket to get back home.

Why It Sucks

  1. Sheen is changed from a supportive, actually funny comic relief that had a character, to an annoying, aggravating and unfunny comic relief with barely any character and with the personality of Jar Jar Binks.
  2. Throughout the show, Sheen doesn't have any concern with returning to Earth.
  3. On the topic of this, the series ends with Sheen deciding to stay on Zeenu.
  4. None of the other characters from the original are in the show.
  5. Very poor character names, like the main villain of the show is named Dorkus.
  6. The animation is extremely poor, lazy and ugly (Especially on the aliens).
  7. Terrible voice-acting (Except Bob Joles as Nesmith).
  8. Nesmith can be considered a "MegWard the Wizard". Basically, a character who gets abused for no apparent reason.
  9. The character Doppy is basically Carl but as an alien. He has the same style beady eyes as Carl. the personality of Carl, and even the voice actor of Carl, Rob Paulsen. (Even Mr. Enter just called him Carl in his review of the show because of this.)
  10. This show is one of the major reasons Nickelodeon was getting a lackluster reputation at the time.
  11. In one episode, "Is This Cute?", there's a pony with a rainbow mane named Balrog that is feared by the aliens who shoots out snot and picks people up with it's nose hairs and later wants to make a library with happy endings, which is both disgusting and disturbing.
  12. This show has a lot of toilet humor, while the original show lacked it.
  13. Very terrible theme song that's just random things being yelled out.
  14. Boyish and girlish stereotypes.
  15. There was going to be a TV movie where Jimmy and his friends go to Zeenu to find Sheen and bring him back to Earth. But it was discontinued due to the show having low ratings.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Sheen's voice actor, Jeff Garcia, reprised his role in the show.
  2. Carl made a cameo in a flashback in "Is This Cute?".
  3. Again, Bob Joles gives a pretty good performance as Nesmith.


  • While Jimmy Neutron was well-received and gained a cult following, Planet Sheen was negatively received by both critics and fans of the original, had only one season and currently has a 3.3 on IMDb.