Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" is an adult cartoon spin-off of the critically acclaimed cartoon The Ren & Stimpy Show made in 2003 by Spumco and created by John Kricfalusi and aired on Spike. This cartoon had 6 episodes and aired only 3 episodes on its network and the other 3 were released on DVD. The show also lasted only 2 months before being cancelled.

Why It Sucks

  1. The humor is nothing more than shock value, which is weird, disturbing, and bad. It also had jokes about poop, which is so disgusting, it'll make you sick!
  2. It takes away the charm of the original 1991 Nicktoon, and ruins everything on how special the show was on Nickelodeon. Its spin-off is just acting like "screw you for firing our creator" to Nickelodeon within no reason given.
  3. Awful stories and unfunny episode ideas, with ignorance jokes in some of them.
  4. Lots of scenes are drawn out and go on way too long.
  5. Disturbing and cruel moments in the show, such as killing/abusing animals, suicide, torment, sexual harassment, etc.
  6. The title characters have been reduced to mindless perverts with little-to-no redeeming qualities (especially Ren); Stimpy, who was portrayed as ditzy, dumb, and happy like in the original series, is portrayed as a stereotypical gay character over Ren for no reason and acts extremely stupid, and Ren in "Adult Part Cartoon" is portrayed as a monstrous psychopath who has tormented animals and bugs in his childhood to inflict pain on others, killed his therapist after being called crazy, acted like a mindless pervert to women with no good qualities, has no reasons why he is scary and cruel like how he has right reasons to act the way he was in the old show, and seemed to care a lot less about Stimpy.
  7. Speaking of Ren, one episode, Ren Seeks Help, has been considered the WORST cartoon episode of all time, because it makes Ren a tormentor who murders helpless animals for his own pleasure (as mentioned above). There was no reason for Ren to act the way he is than for shock humor, but in the old show, he has his right reasons to be scary and cruel because of the way he is, and in Adult Party Cartoon, it was done backwards and also even more cruelly and unfunny as it is as of "Ren Seeks Help".
  8. One episode, "Fire Dogs 2", made Ralph Bakshi act like an annoying human manipulating Ren and Stimpy after the day he took them home after the events of the original "Fire Dogs" episode from the old show Nickelodeon aired.
  9. Lazy dialogue.
  10. Episodes like "Stimpy's Pregnant" and "Fire Dogs 2" are false advertising and misleading at the same time.
  11. The animation, while smooth, can get really ugly with all the disturbing and horrifying imagery.
  12. The show altogether feels like a horrible fan-made parody. It felt like an adult cartoon parody of a kids' cartoon, but turns out to be real according to Torch Sheep.
  13. The show was so bad that Billy West, Stimpy's original voice actor, refused to work on the show saying it would ruin his career and thus was replaced by Eric Bauza. This wasted the talent of Eric Bauza and many other people who voiced most of the characters in the show.
  14. Not only fans of the original, as well as viewers who have never watched the original show, dislike this show, even John Kricfalusi himself also disliked it because Spike TV forced him to create it with a lot of swearing, violence, and nudity as possible to make it all adult humor in the first place.
  15. Nobody knew what Ren did to make Stimpy so upset with him in "Ren Seeks Help", but an argument is what caused it according to John Kricfalusi.
  16. Most of the moments are the unfunniest in all of mankind, and are either really violent or just plain bad.
  17. Altruists's jokes go on way too long like reason number four.
  18. The show ruined both the reputations of Ren and Stimpy and John Kricfalusi, because of the negative reception and the poor reviews that "Adult Party Cartoon" has received, why Ren and Stimpy won't come back for their own animated movie to Nickelodeon nor appear to the upcoming Nicktoons movie. Paramount Pictures, one of the subsidiaries of Viacom, also rejected the short for Ren and Stimpy in Spring of 2017, because they refused to let Nickelodeon do anything with Ren and Stimpy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Ren remembering the first time meeting Stimpy was charming, but decent as said in "Ren Seeks Help".
  2. Eric Bauza's voice acting for Stimpy was good and sounds so close to his old voice actor (Billy West).
  3. The voice acting was decent despite how bad the show was.
  4. The joke, "You're the pitcher, I'm the catcher", was the only good joke in the show.
  5. The animation is still smooth.
  6. Mr. Horse is still in quality like the original.
  7. The Flute Dance from "Fire Dogs 2" was entertaining.
  8. This one scene where Ren beats up Stimpy was the only feel to the old show.

Episodes With Their Own Pages

  1. "Stimpy's Pregnant"
  2. "Ren Seeks Help"