"Ren Seeks Help" is an episode of Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon". This episode has been considered the worst cartoon episode of all time according to multiple internet reviewers, specially PhantomStrider, which constantly mentions his hatred towards this episode.

It follows Ren realized that he’s been abused and argue with Stimpy too seriously, so he seeks to a therapist to help him and tells his darkest true childhood story on why he became such a abusive psychopath in the first place.


After an argument with Stimpy, Ren decides to seek help with his problems.

Why It Sucks

  1. Ren is EXTREMELY unlikable here because he says he enjoyed tormenting animals when he was little and he kills Mr. Horse after he is called crazy. This is animal abuse.
  2. Stimpy's crying is very ear-piercing, although we do feel bad for him after Ren argued with him.
    • Did we also mention that this wasted the talent of Eric Bauza?
  3. Very ugly title card with Ren making an extremely disturbing face. [see on it's page]
  4. A frog is driven to suicide by asking Ren to kill him. Unfortunately, Ren decides not to kill him so he can continue suffering.
  5. It was part of a cartoon so bad, that Billy West, Stimpy's original voice actor, refused to work on the show after he was sent a script to the first episode of Adult Party Cartoon.
  6. Ren's parents giving him a chainsaw to kill off the frog is a really terrible idea, they should have punished Ren instead of let him suffer in more pain.
  7. It not only destroyed Ren's character, it butchered it without even a reason.
  8. Ugly, ugly story within a reason why this was bad from the start.
  9. Ren's backstory was terrible!
  10. Unfunny jokes.
  11. The animation in this episode maybe good, but it gets really dark, too. But it is treated as a comedy.
  12. The ending is terrible and hugely disturbing. Why end the episode like a Looney Tunes cartoon for all the stuff everybody saw through?
  13. This episode was the reason why Ren and Stimpy won't be able to return in any Nicktoon revival, won't be able to get it's own theatrical cartoon short for the third SpongeBob movie, nor even be able to appear in the upcoming Nicktoons movie, which has upset many fans of Ren and Stimpy, and ruined the reputations for both Ren and Stimpy and John K, the show's creator.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Mr. Horse.
  2. Ren telling Mr. Horse (his therapist) the first time on how he met Stimpy.
  3. Ironically, it was written in 1991 for the old show, but it's original idea written from said past year was ruined by the spin off no Ren and Stimpy fan asked for.
  5. Ren's parents's designs are good, but they could have done better though.
  6. John K. did have a point on the episode intro of the Lost Episodes DVD that if you do any bad things Ren did in his childhood, you're going to Hell.