The moment where SJWs ceased to be a nuisance and became monsters

Paige Paz who is know by her username Zamii070 is a fanartist on Tumblr as well as the creator of the webcomic Basin Vale. As a fanartist, she often draws fanart of the popular series, Steven Universe.

Around 2015, several SJWs on Tumblr accused some of her fanwork of being "problematic" and accusing her of putting "racism and "transphobia" in her artwork. However when she drew fanart of Rose Quartz, Steven's mother, thinly, SJWs accused her of being "fatphobic" and the abuse intensified.

Paige told many people about a frail mental condition she had which failed to stop the abuse with SJWs saying that "mental illness is not a get out of jail free card." Eventually some SJWs encouraged her to kill herself.

Paige later made a note stating she was "going to sleep forever and for 3 days had not made an update on her blog. Several of her supporters as well as supporters of the Gamergate movement did some investigating to find her and eventually learned that she indeed attempted suicide but thankfully did not succeed and was hospitalized.

She eventually made a new update about her recovering and despite what happened, SJWs on Tumblr continued to harrass her, trying to either make her look like the villain or stating she should have died.

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SJW Steven Universe Fans Harass Fanfic Artist Into Attempted Suicide

SJW Steven Universe Fans Harass Fanfic Artist Into Attempted Suicide