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During Seasons 6 to Season 8, SpongeBob SquarePants experienced a massive decline in quality from 2008 to 2012.

Bad Qualities

  1. The characters have been flanderized badly, some of them even becoming flat-out unlikable (like Patrick and Mr. Krabs).
  2. A lot of bad episodes, to the point the episodes that had their individual pages on this wiki once cluttered this wiki.
  3. Most of the bad episodes are either mean-spirited, incredibly stupid, gross/disturbing, or just boring.

Examples of Bad Episodes from These Seasons:

Season 6

  • "The Splinter"
  • "Boating Buddies"
  • "Squid's Visit"
  • "Choir Boys"
  • "The Card"
  • "Truth or Square"
  • "The Clash of Triton"
  • "Gone"

Season 7

God, this season has had so many bad episodes.

  • "A Pal for Gary"
  • "One Coarse Meal"
  • "Stuck in the Wringer"
  • "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy"
  • "Yours, Mine and Mine"
  • "Big Sister Sam"
  • "A Day Without Tears"
  • "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful"
  • "Krusty Dogs"
  • "Model Sponge"
  • "The Cent of Money"
  • "Karate Star"
  • "The Play's the Thing"
  • "You Don't Know, Sponge"

Season 8

  • "Pet Sitter Pat"
  • "Demolition Doofus"
  • "Smoothe Jazz in Bikini Bottom"
  • "Face Freeze!"
  • "Plankton's Good Eye"
  • "Sentimental Sponge"
  • "Are You Happy Now?"
  • "Home Sweet Rubble"
  • "InSPONGEiac" (rip off of Insomiac Ren)

Good Qualities

  1. Some good episodes.
  2. There are some good jokes here and there.
  3. The series got better by the time the show's ninth season aired in both halves despite the badly received episodes like "SpongeBob, You're Fired" and "Little Yellow Book".
  4. The animation, character designs and voice acting all improved.
  5. Season 8 is mainly better than Seasons 6 and 7.
  6. The songs and musical numbers are still fun to enjoy.

Examples of Good Episodes from These Seasons:

Season 6

  • "Sand Castles in the Sand"
  • "Not Normal"
  • "Single Cell Anniversary"
  • "Krabby Road"
  • "Suction Cup Symphony"
  • "The Slumber Party"
  • "A Life in A Day"
  • "Chum Caverns"
  • "Krusty Krushers"
  • "Chum Bucket Supreme"

Season 7

  • "Perfect Chemistry"
  • "The Bad Guy Club for Villains"
  • "Kracked Krabs"
  • "SpongeBob's Last Stand"
  • "Gary in Love"
  • "Enchanted Tiki Dreams"
  • "Squidward in Clarinetland"
  • "The Inside Job"
  • "Buried in Time"
  • "I Heart Dancing"
  • "The Masterpiece"
  • "Whelk Attack"
  • "The Great Patty Caper"
  • "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle"
  • "Love That Squid"

Season 8

  • "It's a SpongeBob Christmas"
  • "Planet of the Jellyfish"
  • "A SquarePants Family Vacation"
  • "Hello Bikini Bottom"
  • "Frozen Face Off"
  • "Mooncation"
  • "Ghoul Fools"
  • "Mermaid Man Begins"
  • "Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation"
  • "Fiasco!"
  • "Chum Fricassee"
  • "Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go"