Squirrel and Hedgehog (Chosŏn'gŭl: 다람이와 고슴도치 Dalam-iwa Goseumdochi, lit. Dharam and the hedgehog) is a North Korean animated series about two teenage anthropomorphic animals that fight an evil army.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is one of those propaganda shows aired in North Korea, in fact, these types of shows always portray the U.S. in a very negative way.
  2. It has a lot of graphic violence (such as murder and suicide) and swearing, despite the fact that the show is made for children. The opening theme of the show labels it as a "Children's Cartoon", which leads to more irony.
  3. Hidden political messages.
  4. In addition of the aforementioned political messages, all characters represent some of the countries - brave squirrels, hedgehogs and ducks portray North Korea, strong but dumb bears portray Soviet Union/Russia while cowardly mice, nasty weasels and badass wolves portray South Korea, Japan and America respectively.
  5. The main two titular characters are teenage soldiers.
  6. Half of the time, the lip-sync does not match the dialogue. Sometimes, the characters mouths do not move at all when they are speaking. This is especially apparent during the beginning of the 31st episode of the show.
  7. Odd sound effects. This is also apparent in the 31st episode. In one scene, an opening door sounds more like a vibrating cell phone.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation is okay at best, although it is sometimes slow and the aforementioned lip-synching could be touched up on and improved.
  2. It does have some sweet moments.
  3. Decent character designs and voice acting.
  4. Good music.
  5. Its soullessness level is NOTHING compared to that of Tomorrow's Pioneers and "Juchekorea Stargeo".

Reverse Version

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What the HELL is Squirrel and Hedgehog? (The North Korean Propaganda Cartoon) A Review

What the HELL is Squirrel and Hedgehog? (The North Korean Propaganda Cartoon) A Review