Super Minecraft Kid is an 11-year-old internet troll who joined YouTube on May 12th, 2015. He doesn't like to be made fun of, as seen in many videos. His videos relate to Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy's, but also plays Call of Duty and occasionally Team Fortress 2. Most of his videos are rants on other people or games, which stir up a lot of controversy. He sees his haters as people who shouldn't exist and reacts violent towards hate. His haters are Super Minecraft Kid's worst enemies, as shown in his Q&A video. The haters are the worst things that happened on his world, as they hate on SMK. Some haters claim that his voice is so annoying and loud, while others hate his opinions for being biased and bad, but Super Minecraft Kid still posts videos on his account and he enjoys making them.

It was later revealed that the account was a troll guise made by a user named FlourTownBrown.

Why He Sucked

Before you read this, he was trolling for the laughs, and his real guise is a harmless user named FlourTownBrown, so don't take him seriously.

  1. He's a Minecraft fanboy.
    • On his "Stop Hating on Minecraft" video, he raged at I Hate Everything after he found IHE's "I HATE MINECRAFT" Video when searching for Minecraft videos on YouTube. He even didn't get what he said. He thought that IHE really hated Minecraft, when he actually said that he hated how Minecraft is full of raging kids like SMK.
  2. He copies another internet troll named Mariotehplumber through these ways:
    • Being Immature.
    • Raging loudly a lot, so loud that it can bleed your ears.
    • Abusing swearing. In fact, he should know better than to use swear words.
    • Racist and homophobic (he said "n*gg*r" and "f*gg*t" in many of his videos).
    • Hates on Autistic people.
    • Insults on Nintendo fans (but unlike Mariotehplumber, SMK hates on any Nintendo fan)
    • Being very Sexist.
    • In fact, John Burris (Mariotehplumber's real name) himself even admitted that this user's behavior was based on his, similar to SammyClassicSonicFan.
  3. He has a lack of knowledge! Like when he said that Minecraft was the first ever game to be made in the 60s and later Nintendo ripped off the game, which is not true. For example, he claimed The Legend of Zelda ripped off Minecraft simply because you could hold a sword.
  4. He hates his history teacher thinking he’s stupid with history. Seriously?! That teacher is not stupid with history! All teachers are smart as they help students to be the same since they’re good people. And he even needs to get over of getting an “F” from his test and getting reported to his family, that teacher was just doing his job.
  5. His "animated" series is awful; the animation is nothing but still pictures of poorly drawn character designs, stupid and offensive plot, the writing is not only terrible, but does not make any sense whatsoever, unfunny, offensive, boring, and childlike humor/jokes, bad ending, and voice acting is HIGHLY annoying, especially hearing his loud high-pitch screaming voice!
  6. His voice is so annoying and loud, it can give Bubsy the Bobcat a run for his money.
  7. His opinions are very biased, cringy, stupid and nonsensical, especially his hatred for Nintendo.
  8. He sees his critics as people who shouldn't exist.
  9. He made false claims about games, TV shows, music and users such as classic games being rip-off of modern games and Samus being male.
  10. In one of his videos, he (presumably) masturbated to Chica the Chicken from FNAF while he was recording.
  11. He disrespects others' opinions.
  12. In another one of his videos, he insulted and raged at Scott Cawthon just because he donated to Zeldathon.
  13. On his new channel, he once tried to get a girlfriend by making a video and claimed that they would play Minecraft.
  14. He plays games that’re not kid-friendly because his parents aren’t around.
  15. In fact, he’s a young child who made inappropriate videos, since his parents aren’t around.
  16. Whenever he gets mad or upset, he always screaming bloody murder either like a 2-year-old, or he is in serious pain, or got his hair on fire, which is EXTREMELY NIGHTMARISH AND ANNOYING AS HELL! It is so hard for viewers to listen what he said or see what's going on in his videos, which made people want to shout "SHUT UP!" at him!

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