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Supernoobs is a Canadian-American animated TV series created by Scott Fellows, the man behind such bad 'masterpieces' like Johnny Test, and good ones like Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and Big Time Rush.


Four middle schoolers are given superpowers by accident and are expected to save the world from an alien virus.

Why It Sucks

  1. Bland and uninspired animation.
  2. Too clichéd.
  3. Voice acting that wasted the talents of Matt Hill, the voice of Ed in Ed, Edd n' Eddy, and Tabitha St. Germain.
  4. The characters are just built upon stereotypes, like the Normal Kid (Tyler), the Cool Kid (Kevin), the Girl (Jennifer) and the Weird Kid Who's Only There For Filler (Roach).
  5. The possibly only decent character is the girl (Jennifer Shope, except she's known better as a last-name alias.) and she does have potential to be the leader. And it's literally like they're trying to keep the plot of the show as stupid as possible by not making HER the leader because she is the MOST INTELLIGENT out of all of the characters.
  6. In one episode (Noob Kids On The Block), Kevin promotes cutting classes and there's no explanation to it at all.
  7. Kevin's voice is really raspy and it sounds like he is going through reversed puberty. It's so raspy it makes listening to the voices in The Christmas Tree or My Life Me sound like a thrilling and euphoric experience.
  8. Its fanbase is literally just children who somehow either found the passwords to their parents' YouTube or any video site accounts (You have to be 13 to own an account on any video site) and post unnecessary and/or stupid comments (they even start wars over which character is better) on videos with SuperNoobs in them. Its fandom also consists of either people who draw Rule 34 and/or bad quality art of the characters, as well as an enormous chunk of fanboys who can't take opinions, jokes nor light sarcasm.
  9. Rips-off Penn Zero: Part Time Hero.
  10. Almost killed Rob Boutilier's career.
  11. The possibly ongoing lawsuit against Fellows for fraud by David Straiton. This would possibly be the reason why it isn't going to end well.
  12. It's lineup being screwed by Cartoon Network and Teletoon. (It used to air at 6:30pm on Teletoon, but the equally awful Mysticons took it's timeslot, meaning Supernoobs possibly won't air on Teletoon anymore)
  13. The plots may be good but they are simutaneously nonsensical in certain episodes, a la Atomic Puppet.
  14. Very few characters are decent.
  15. Ridiculous shippings made by the fandom such as Shyler, Shovin and MemZen.
  16. A huge chunk of the OCs are Mary Sues who ship themselves with Tyler and Kevin, and they're all likely to be clones of eachother.
  17. Towards the end of the first season, Kevin is continulously bullying and teasing Jennifer, because she is a girl. Now isn't that the stupidest reason for teasing somebody you've ever seen? The worst part? Kevin never learns from his mistakes, and it's almost like the show is encouraging its audience to harass and tease their female friends, simply because they are not your gender.
  18. The writers treat Jennifer like a punching bag. There are two episodes where she is bullied by the writers, Who, What, Where, Noob (she almost gets sent to another school against her will), and Noobs VS. Sour Persimmons (a picnic she made is continuously getting ruined).
  19. The show encourages rude things like ruining dates or messing with stuff that doesn't belong to you.
  20. The powers of the protagonists are inconsistent similar to the Ben 10 2017 series.
  21. Barely threaten villains on Earth.
    1. Virus animals are poorly designed most of the time.

Things That Are Meh

  1. The word "noob" in the episode titles. This is to attract younger audiences.
  2. Depending on your views, the Noobs.

Reedemable Qualities

  1. Alien motif.
  2. Memnock and Zenblock (The aliens.)
  3. There are some good but not great episodes.
  4. Rob Boutilier was involved.
  5. Not all fans (nickname: Noobs) are children. Some of them are those who don't like Johnny Test or can respect opinions.
  6. The character designs.
  7. There are some good moments too which could be the reason why some like the show.
  8. Sometimes, it has hidden morals which may be helpful.
  9. This show is definitely an improvement over Johnny Test.
  10. Cool theme song.