Teen Titans Go! is a 2013 animated TV series that airs on Cartoon Network, and serves as a reboot of the original Teen Titans show from 2003. The actors and actresses of the original reprise their roles.


Teen Titans Go! is an animated series that follows the adventures of the young Titans, residing in Jump City, when they are not saving the world while living together as teenagers without adults who intrude. Unlike most of the other superhero series, the situations are comic, crazy and parodic - for example, juvenile jokes that reach new heights of danger, obtaining the license to drive after destroying the Batmobile or washing the suits after staining them when fighting their enemies. The show regularly features characters who have appeared in the original series, albeit with reduced roles and/or exaggerated personalities. It also features greater attachment to the DC Universe at large, with more references to other characters in the Justice League, plus a few appearances by Batman and Commissioner Gordon in lighthearted moments.

The show is littered with in-jokes regarding the whole of DC's library, many of them in blink-and-miss moments, as well as numerous jokes at the expense of the show itself.

Why It Sucks

  1. Bland and cheap-looking flash animation.
  2. Poorly-made character designs compared to the original. The character designs are rather infantile and far from complex, as well as being disgraces to the chibi art style. Even fans of the chibi art style criticized them.
  3. Horrible episodes with annoying plots. For example, In "Nean", Starfire wanting to marry a pot of chili. In "Waffles", Beast Boy and Cyborg having a competition on who can say the word "Waffles" the most.
  4. Some episodes also have really bland and/or misleading titles, such as "Dude, Relax", "I'm The Sauce", "Hey You, Don't Forget About Me in Your Memory", "The Return of Slade" and "Smile Bones", just to name a few.
  5. Many "villains" aren't much of a threat. Trigon, once an embodiment of evil in the comics and the original series, is portrayed as a sitcom dad rather than a demonic father like he was in the original show.
  6. Poor and false life lessons. For example: Cheating to win, girls are better than boys and, worst of all, even claiming that watching a lot of TV makes your brain stronger. Getting more presents on Christmas is important than family and xenophobic towards sci-fi romance, harsh rejection as a joke and books being bad.
  7. The show often takes up a very large portion of airtime on Cartoon Network, often enraging and/or boring the viewers. In fact, it has also been shown more than a hundred times once in a week, and another 300 TIMES, meaning 48.5 episodes a day for seven days. Even worse, from Christmas Eve to December 31st, the show was shown 99.5% of the whole week, meaning 384 TIMES.
  8. The creators of the show cannot take even the slightest form of criticism, going as far as to make episodes mocking the show's critics, such as "The Return of Slade".
  9. Most of the characters' personalities in the show have been changed very badly;
    1. Robin, despite being the leader of the Teen Titans, is a complete overbearing and severely mentally or psychologically ill dominant jerk. He also hardly ever gets any respect by his own team and they often disobey him, even if he doesn't do anything wrong or does anything mean to them like Dictator of country.
    2. Starfire has a more child-like personality who often licks her beloved pet Silkie.
    3. Beast Boy is a couch potato who NEVER gets up to do something simple.
    4. Cyborg is an annoying and obnoxious idiot.
    5. Raven, despite being on some occasions the most likable out of the five, is a hypocritical pegasister (which means a female fan of My Little Pony) of fictionalized MLP in show depending on others' opinions on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  10. The humor is mostly forced, mainly consisting of incredibly awful jokes and toilet humor.
  11. It began the trend of bad reboots on not just Cartoon Network, but on other channels that have cartoon reboots, even the streaming site Netflix as well in the 2010s animated shows thus creating second dork ages.
  12. The creators of the show have openly stated that they have never watched the original show.
  13. It's overly random and lots of things excessively are out of place.
  14. Because of its low quality and the carelessness that the creators are putting working onto it, it can essentially be a 15-minute long "It's made for kids" excuse, as well as a big middle finger to the fans of the original series due to the lack of respect to the previous series' content and characterization.
  15. Waste of talented voice actors, such as Scott Menville and Tara Strong.
  16. Horrid dialogue.
  17. Poor soundtrack. Examples of this are the lackluster and copied theme song from original 2003 show and very weird and repetitive songs, such as "Waffles" and "I'm a Hot Pepper" from the episode "Spice Game".
  18. The show often insults many other franchises of every type among other stuff, like other DC and non-DC properties, as well as some movie franchises such as The MatrixE.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, and Indiana Jones. Two episodes, "Let's Get Serious" and "Money Grandma", even insulted the Young Justice fanbase and George Washington respectively as well.
  19. No continuity.
  20. Lots of filler.
  21. The show became self-aware of how bad it is and is proud of it.
  22. It lacks the dark, serious tone of the original cartoon due to the fact that it focuses more on humor than action.
  23. It is the epitome of mean-spirited.
  24. False Advertising: The bumpers and advertisements say "Your New Favorite Show!", which is extremely obnoxious and false to say since it isn't well received by most people, and it is definitely false reception-wise as the series has very low ratings on rating sites.
  25. Lots of animation errors in many episodes.
  26. They like to ruin Christmas, like Santa kidnapping the Easter Bunny. There's also an episode where they impersonate Santa and break into people's houses.
  27. The Titans behave like villains and are far more annoying and unlikable than the "bad guys" themselves.
    1. Like in episode, "The HIVE Five", the Titans continuously torment the HIVE, yet they were doing nothing bad through the entire episode.
    2. Another example is in episode, "Finally a Lesson", they deliberately kick out the "villains" from their apartment homes in a harsh way.
    3. In the episode, "Movie Night", Robin attacks Control Freak and steals his television when he wasn't doing anything wrong.
    4. In the episode, "Caged Tiger", Dr. Light tries to redeem himself and join the Teen Titans but Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy didn't accept his redemption and instead mercilessly beat him up for no apparent reason.
    5. In "Snuggle Time", to get more free time with their cats and drink hot cocoa, the Titans straight up become villains, build an evil lair, kill Batman, Batgirl, the Titans East, Aqualad, and Aquaman, all without feeling a bit of sorrow out of it.
    6. Mostly, justification of their destructive behaviors to "protect" Jump City and causing more collateral damage than any of the "villains" of the series. The Titans treat it like their playground and are disrespectful towards citizens, as well as "villains" on their day off, intentionally creating enemies through ridiculous insults and inflicting harm on individuals like the Mocking Birds, Zan the Wonder Twin, Aqualad, etc.
  28. The Titans rarely even go on adventures.
  29. In one episode, they gave Darkseid the voice of "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC!! That's like giving Dib Membrane the voice of Donald Duck or giving Magica De Spell the voice of Lisa Loud, giving Mario the voice of the Raving Rabbids (interestingly, they got a crossover video game) or worse, giving Kylo Ren the voice of freaking Morty! He doesn't even sing!
  30. The show is promoted for a movie because it's easier to make a film with a simple story than a complexity of unique story than Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Ben 10 (original 2005 version), any Pokémon series, Regular Show, Foster Home for Imaginary Friends, Dexter's Laboratory, etc. They believe it will work and renew it another season.
  31. The series completely ruins the Robin x Starfire relationship by having Robin being either psychotically obsessed with Starfire or sometimes very abusive to her (the most famous example is in "Hey You, Don't Forget About Me in Your Memory").
  32. The scary/dramatic music from the first season's episodes are recycled from YouTube.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Titans in this show admitted that the original 2003 show is better, as seen in the episode "The Fourth Wall".
  2. Every now and then to be fair, there is an episode of the show or a duo of it that are actually good. "40%, 40%, 20%" and the four part miniseries "The Night Begins to Shine" or "The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though it Was the Day".
  3. The voice acting (for the most part) is at least decent. Speaking of the voice acting, the voice actors and actresses (Scott Menville, Hynden Walch, Khary Payton, Tara Strong and Greg Cipes) and most of the crew from the original series haven't changed.
  4. The character designs are still decent.
  5. Contains lesser-known corners of the DC canon.
  6. Raven sometimes acts as the "voice-of-reason" of the Teen Titans.
  7. Fall Out Boy appeared in this and they are actually based on the real life members. They also have a pretty decent role in one episode.

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Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, Teen Titans Go! has been mercilessly panned among internet reviewers, and fans alike from the original. YouTube reviewer Mr. Enter has been known to call the characters the "Toddler Titans" due to their immature personalities. The series has below average ratings both on and IMDb. It was ranked #1 on WatchMojo's Top 10 Worst Animated Superhero Shows video and is nearly always at the top of YouTube reviewer PhantomStrider's bad shows dealing countdown videos.


On September 2017, a theatrical film adaptation of the series was announced by Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Animation Group for release on July 27, 2018. Titled Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, the film will be written by series producers Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, and directed by Horvath and fellow producer Peter Rida Michail. The voice cast of the TV series will reprise their roles, with Will Arnett and Kristen Bell also starring as Slade Wilson and his wife. The film's first teaser trailer was released online on January 10, 2018, which received mixed to negative reviews. Despite the negative feedback on the teaser trailer, it is currently unknown if the film will be an improvement of the series or worse than the series. However, the film will be featuring Slade, who is one of the villains in the series, and will even mark his first ever role and speaking debut, since Slade has been referenced and even made cameos throughout the series. The film might possibly be an improvement to the series' episode "The Return of Slade", which was criticized due to Slade only being mentioned in the episode, and the episode was intentionally made to insult the negative reviews the show had.

Reverse Version

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