The Brothers Flub is an animated television series produced by Sunbow Productions and co-produced by Ravensburger. It aired in the United States on Nickelodeon The Brothers Flub lasted for twenty-six episodes, airing on Sundays from January 1999 until its cancellation in January 2000.


The Brothers Flub takes place in a fictionalized version of outer space. The show's title refers to its two central characters: a pair of blue-furred alien brothers named Guapo and Fraz Flub. Guapo is shorter and fatter than his brother, and is a darker shade of blue. Both wear bodysuits, shoes and caps.

In the series, they work for a company called RetroGrade Interdimensional Couriers, of which a green-colored female alien named Tarara Boomdeyay is the boss. Other characters at their job include a female alien named Valerina and an older orange, male alien named Squish. The brothers, who are couriers, through their universe in their spacecraft (called Hoog) to deliver packages to various planets. Each episode features a different planet with a different characteristic, such as "The Land of Oversized Games", which comprises life-sized game pieces such as a pinball machine, or "Hip City", a planet inhabited by beatnik aliens.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor animation.
  2. Annoying voice acting.
  3. The stories are overly surreal and dumb.
  4. HORRENDOUS theme song which has been considered one of the worst theme songs ever.
  5. The title is also very dumb. If one actually never heard of this show, then they would say it is a ripoff of The Brothers Grunt due to the same titles, although The Brothers Grunt is an adult show with a much different concept and not for kids.
  6. One of the few bad 1990's Nickelodeon cartoons.