250px-The Goode Family cast

The Goode Family is a short-lived 2009 animated series that aired on ABC and later Comedy Central.


A vegan family tries to maintain normal lives while trying to solve problems around town.

Why it Sucks

  • Mike Judge never even wanted to work on this show on the first place.
  • It gives vegans bad names.
  • Che, the family's dog, is a vegan dog. This is animal abuse because feeding your dog only vegetables is bad. Also, Che is looking to kill other animals just like Mr. Pickles.
  • Sub-par animation.
  • Ugly character designs.
  • It wasted the talents of Phil LaMarr, Tara Strong, Johnny Knoxville, Linda Cardelliini and Brian Doyle Murray.
  • Like Legends of Chamberlain Heights, it has a very promising premise. But the creator took the lazy route to make it what it is today.