The Nutshack is a 2007 Filipino-American adult animated sitcom towards to a Filipino American audience that aired on Myx TV in the United States and Myx in the Philippines.


Two cousins (Phil and Jack) from completely different areas (the Philippines and the San Francisco Bay Area) are forced to live together by their overly controlling uncle, Tito "Dickman" Dick.

Why It Sucks

  1. The title has absolutely nothing to do with the show's premise at all.
  2. Unfunny jokes, as well as an overuse of sex jokes to the point where it will make you projectile vomit. For example, they mostly use penis jokes that would make the entire Earth vomit!
  3. Bad voice acting and character designs. Speaking of the voice acting, the show had a complete waste of talented voice actors and actresses, such as Jesse Hernandez and Joshua Padilla.
  4. The background music drowns out the dialogue.
  5. An episode called "Got Surgery?" encourages female viewers to get breast enlargements in order to feel accepted.
  6. The characters (excluding Chita) range from downright disgusting to utterly annoying.
  7. Awful writing.
  8. Immature humor and disturbing content.
  9. It is offensive to Filipinos despite the creators being of Filipino descent themselves, proving how horrible and hypocritical they are to Filipinos and Filipino-Americans everywhere.
  10. The transgender character, Cherry Pie, could be considered offensive to actual transgender people, as she is portrayed as nothing more than a stereotypical feminine lady-boy that makes everyone around her very uncomfortable.
  11. The animation is absolutely awful and poorly-done.
  12. A clear attempt to monetize the 'gangsta' dreams of suburban white boys and fans of the Boondocks.
  13. Extremely racist.
  14. The characters look like they have been steamrolled.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Chita is probably the only likable character on the show, and her voice is pleasant to listen to, compared to the other characters.
  2. The show's theme song has spawned a meme.


The Nutshack was met with extremely negative reviews from critics and viewers alike and it's considered as the one of the worst animated shows ever. With currently holds on 2.2/10 on iMDB.

Reverse Version

The Fruitmansion


The Original Video of ralph-the-movie-maker Nutshack

The Original Video of ralph-the-movie-maker Nutshack