The Powerpuff Girls is an animated series based on the 1998 series of the same name by Craig McCracken. It is a reboot that aired on Cartoon Network on April 4th 2016, and reruns formerly aired on Boomerang until January 2018.

Why It Sucks

  1. The Girls' old voice actors were replaced with new ones for their youthful appearance.
  2. It sucks out the charm of the original, as it has less crime-fighting and more scenes related to what the characters do when "they are not saving the world". Like Teen Titans Go!, it lacks the dark, serious tone of the original.
  3. Speaking of Teen Titans Go!, it even had a crossover with that show, which also sucks.
  4. Awful script-writing and writing in general.
  5. Too much nonsense.
  6. Outdated memes and Internet slang, such as the "No Me Gusta!" meme as seen in "Tiara Trouble", and the Mojo Jojo Meme Maker.
  7. Ms. Bellum, the mayor's assistant, is absent because Nick Jennings thought that having a beautiful, warm-hearted, motherly, intelligent and strong-willed woman on the show was offensive to the new generation and stated getting rid of her was "a good choice", yet they added a villain who only cares about fashion, another sexist stereotype.
  8. The Girls are completely out-of-character.
    • Blossom is now a female counterpart of Robin from Teen Titans Go!, as they both are neurotic geeks with OCD. She is also way too obsessed with Jared Shapiro.
    • Bubbles is now a stereotypical "girly" girl.
    • Buttercup is now a bully who mostly cares about butt jokes.
  9. The singing is horrible.
  10. Mojo Jojo's famous language and speech patterns are gone.
  11. The villains aren't introduced to the new generation and they just appear randomly with no explanation of who they are or why they're even there.
  12. Sexualizing underage characters. Blossom is given a love interest and she's frequently seen having not so innocent fantasies about him.
  13. Bad humor nearly every moment.
  14. Stiff animation.
  15. The character redesigns are unnecessary, such as Professor Utonium having round corners around his face, arms, and hands, and Ms. Keane, the Girls' teacher, lacking her breasts.
  16. No one, not even Craig McCracken, asked for or wanted a reboot to The Powerpuff Girls.
  17. Blossom and Bubbles twerking became very infamous.
  18. Pokey Oaks Kindegarten has been destroyed and the girls are now in middle school.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the voice actors such as Tom Kenny, Tom Kane, Roger L. Jackson and Jennifer Hale reprise their roles.
  2. The twerking is cut in the Turkish dub of "Painbow".
  3. The theme song is okay.
  4. The voice acting is decent.
  5. The Girls' new voice actresses sound like old ones.
  6. At least the character designs are barely different from the original designs.
  7. It pays homage to pop culture.

Episodes with their own pages

  1. "Painbow"
  2. "The Power of Four"
  3. "Horn Sweet Horn"
  4. "Never Been Blissed


Despite having mixed reviews from critics, it received negative reception from Internet reviewers, viewers, and fans alike from the original. On iMDB, it has 3.6 out of 10 and has 4.2 out of 10.

The Occidental Weekly lamented that the series "lacks the impeccable comedic timing and wit of the original" and called the voice acting "mediocre at best", while also criticizing the writing, which it deemed subpar. Slate was critical of the show's "self-conscious feminist overtones", and compared the show unfavorably to the original, particularly the second-season episode "The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever". Polygon criticized that the show lost what they considered made the original so special: "fighting seems like an afterthought, as if Cartoon Network wants to keep the Girls a safe distance from the fray", and that the show was a "step backward, not forward".[31] Jessica Swartz of Inverse said that new viewers might not know who the villains are or what their motivations are, as no introduction was given to the characters. Swartz also went on to say that the show focuses too much on the main characters, and overall called it a "mediocre cartoon". Shelby Watson of The All State praised the show's voice acting, but criticized the show's increased focus on the girls' domestic lives rather than fighting crime, and was especially critical of the animation, writing: "The animation is beyond lazy... the art direction itself is catastrophic. Animators routinely forget their own rules on how to animate their characters, leading to a disjointed style that just comes across like the animators don’t care." Watson also noted other technical problems in the series, such as inconsistencies in character design or misuse of perspective, saying that they "shouldn't happen in a professional studio."

Viewers have also criticized the show for its appropriation of Internet slang and memes, such as "can't even" or the character Bubbles yelling "no me gusta!" while her face turns into one commonly associated with the meme (as seen in "Tiara Trouble"). These references have been called out on being out of place and "being forced", as well as referencing fads of which popularity have faded long before their appearance in the show; the aforementioned "me gusta" and other derivatives of rage comics had their peak popularity in early 2011.