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VeggieFAILS in da House

VeggieTales in the House is a preschool series, produced by DreamWorks Animation and Big Idea Entertainment in 2014, and is available through Netflix. The plot revolves around Bob and Larry (with revamped visuals) through their home teaching life lessons and good manners through their adventures there.

Why It Sucks

  1. Redesigning the characters are horrifying and scary, with Larry their biggest criminal. It seems really preschool and very interesting...
  2. Also, if we look well to the hideous appearances, we will note that they inspired in Animes for this result, because of big eyes, wide mouth, eyebrows and etc.
  3. The show does not bring anything interesting to the episodes, being so repetitive that even a preschooler could guess the plot. Also, the lessons are things that EVERYONE has seen!
  4. Characters are really annoying compared to the original series: Bob is no longer so smart, Larry has become a real idiot and is also just an annoying, lazy slop who loves sardines and junk food! and ACTUALLY CLUCKS LIKE A FREAKING CHICKEN! (incredibly more of an idiot than Patrick Star) Madame Blueberry becomes tearful again, Petunia is a boring generic teenager, Laura and Junior are unsympathetic brats who learn wrong things from their naive parents.
  5. God is rarely mentioned. The same thing goes for the biblical lessons.
  6. It has undercut the reputation of the series' popularity in an unimaginable way, jumping from 1 million to 15,000 views on YouTube, fewer viewers on Netflix than... everything, and on top of that, DreamWorks still insists that the a series is a success despite losing a lot of money Invested in the series every year.
  7. Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki gave the voices of the characters of the series, which is great, but it is humiliating, because the creators of the series themselves are helping to spoil it.
  8. The episodes are the same, do not change in almost any detail, showing a strong laziness of the direction team.
  9. Lazy and boring plot.
  10. Kurt Heinecke, the composer who made the soundtracks of the series did not work here, which made the songs annoying, annoying, and more annoying, and especially, without any foundation.
  11. Stories without foundation too.
  12. It's too childish and embarrassing, leaving out the general fare.
  13. The title sounds pandering and it tries to hard to be cool for kids.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. A single interesting point that can be seen in the series is the incredible animation, which is a big step for a series created in 1993, but it is not offset by the horrible design.